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Traq 3D


TRAQ 3D is a unique gym and fitness program. When new clients enroll, TRAQ 3D immediately sets about establishing a customized training program that corresponds with the clients needs and goals. Additionally, each client is allocated a trainer who will work to help the client achieve their fitness goals throughout their time at TRAQ 3D. Generally, TRAQ 3D helps its clients to attain thin, sprightly bodies with the ability to perform rigorous tasks. During workouts, clients wear specially designed cables that add extra resistance to the arms and legs. These bands have been shown to build muscle, speed up calorie burning, and increase stamina.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$106,700 - $415,000


TRAQ 3D franchisees receive an exclusive territory in which to run their business, help securing a building or space to run the gym, and marketing assistance. Franchisees should have an extensive business background, though experience in the fitness industry specifically is not a requirement.

TRAQ 3D Franchise Opportunities - History

TRAQ 3D has made a name for itself in the fitness industry by holding a variety of patents on fitness technology that has been proven effective. The business continues to expand as customers turn to TRAQ 3D’s reliable methods.

TRAQ 3D Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / TRAQ 3D Franchise Income

To own a TRAQ 3D franchise, a potential investor needs at least $50,000 available in liquid assets to be considered. The total initial investment for a TRAQ 3D location, however, ranges between $106,700 and $415,000. Assistance with financing is available to qualified franchisees.

TRAQ 3D Business Opportunities: Other Information

TRAQ 3D clients can select one of two plans: individual training or group training. In individual training, which obviously costs more, clients will work one on one with a professional to obtain fitness goals. With group training, however, clients will work alongside fellow clients under the tutelage of a single trainer. The patented fitness training provided by TRAQ 3D has received a lot of media coverage. ESPN, the Today Show, and Oprah have all featured the company on their television programs.


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