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Una Mas Mexican Grill serves wonderful traditional Mexican favorites, using only the freshest, healthiest ingredients in a family friendly atmosphere

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Freshness is the essence of great tasting Mexican food! Una Mas Mexican Grill ® recreates the best of fresh Mexican cuisine with an authentic and modern attitude! And fresh doesn’t only mean using the freshest ingredients we can get our hands on; it also means that we gently grill our chicken and steak to perfection. This keeps the meat hot & juicy giving you a freshness you can not only see, but also taste! It is our fusion of freshly prepared flavors that has kept customers coming back for more than 15 years, and also what has helped us win numerous media accolades and awards.

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We opened our first Una Mas Mexican Grill in 1991 in San Jose, California and we’ve been growing ever since! We now have over 20 locations. Our goal will always be to serve unique Mexican favorites using only the freshest, healthiest ingredients in all of our authentic dishes. 

Una Mas Mexican Grill is a fusion of traditional Mexican dishes with an authentic and modern flair. From our popular Foghead Burrito (char-grilled chicken, with Tequila BBQ sauce, guacamole, rice, black beans, cheese, sour cream, roasted pasilla & corn salsa all wrapped in a warm chile-tomato tortilla) to our Margarita Salad everything we make has a distinctive flair that makes Una Mas a great place to eat!

Not only is the food unique and fresh, but so is the atmosphere created by our restaurants. The updated decor is steeped in authentic Mexican roots, yet with a modern and bright flair. 

Our decor is as important as the unique food that is hand-crafted every day. With open kitchens, open floor plans, colorful touches and earthy undertones, Una Mas provides a bright, hip and energetic ambiance that welcomes our guests. 

Why Fast Casual? 

  • Image titleWe are well-positioned to capitalize on the growing trend toward less-costly, healthy dining for active life-styles. Our customers are looking for unique flavor combinations that won’t break the bank and will still provide them high-quality ingredients and healthy meals. 

  • As a fast-casual restaurant, we are in a small segment of the restaurant industry which continues to grow very rapidly, tripling its market share in just the last decade. This is the only restaurant segment to grow continually in the last five years, according to industry statistics. 

  • This is a successful business model uniquely positioned within the fast-casual segment. Well established in the trend-setting California market, we are poised to expand nation-wide. 

Why Una Mas? 

  • Una Mas Mexican Grill offers a fusion of traditional Mexican dished with an authentic flair. Everything we make has a distinctive flair that makes Una Mas® a great place to eat.

  • Our competitive advantage lies in our unique dishes, fresh preparation techniques, high quality ingredients, upscale atmosphere and strong operational systems — key strengths that have been developed over 14 years of operation.

  • Our fans that include people from all ethnic backImage titlegrounds, all age groups and all income levels 

  • A low-cost entry into the popular fresh-Mexican fast-casual segment 

  • Established, well recognized brand with strong customer loyalty 

  • Strategic marketing and branding programs 

  • Entry level opportunity with tremendous territorial availability and potential 

  • No multiple-unit opening requirements 

Site Criteria 

  • Retail Space: storefront, free standing restaurant, strip mall, shopping center, shared pad or endcap restaurant, main road visibility 

  • Size: 1,500-2,400 square feet 

  • Parking: 20-40 spaces, two parking spaces for take-out Guests 

  • Trade Area: 2 – 5 miles, proximity to lunch/afternoon/evening traffic, household 3+, medianincome. 50,000 population density.Image title


4 Week Training Program 

  • Manager Orientation, Principles, Standards and Practices Project Based Shift Management 

  • Prep and Line Cooking 

  • Front of House Service and Cashier 

  • Manager of the Day 

Pre and Post Opening in-store assistance.

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