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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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UniGlobe Travel

UniGlobe Travel Franchise

UniGlobe Travel is a travel-agency franchisor designed to handle the needs of both the corporate and leisure client. Uniglobe franchisees benefit from money-saving automation agreements, exclusive territories, and top-notch incentive commission programs with major airline, hotel, car rental, tour and cruise-line companies in the $300 billion travel market.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$46,600 - $63,500
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Why Business Travel

Uniglobe Travel 1

The travel market in the US is estimated at about $300 Billion dollars. It is dominated on the leisure or personal travel side by a small number of strong online players, and on the corporate travel side by several 'mega' agencies.

Industry dynamics have shifted large volumes of bookings to online channels until the industry has recently reached a saturation point. Today there is compelling evidence that travelers, both leisure and corporate, are looking to return to a more personal / human travel service to give them the assistance, guidance and the support they need. The seeming 'death knells' for the small and mid-size travel agency - consolidation and online booking - has only served to accentuate the need for local personal travel agents.

For business travel, which represents over 40% of the travel market, more companies are seeking dedicated travel professionals to provide personal assistance for their travelers and to help them plan, manage and control travel spending. Today's local business travel agents and agencies need access to the same tools and technology as the mega agencies.

As a UNIGLOBE Corporate Travel Franchisee you will satisfy the market need for local expertise and personal service and have access to all the technology and tools you need to compete with the mega agencies and online booking systems.

UNIGLOBE Advantage

UNIGLOBE Travel draws upon 30 years of travel agency franchising to develop a new business model for today’s travel industry. By combining the years of accumulated knowledge and industry leadership, with today's proven technology tools and efficient fulfillment processes, UNIGLOBE provides you with access to this exciting industry in a way that no else can match.

30 Years of Process Improvement

Since the inception of UNIGLOBE, we have dedicated ourselves to improving the processes that owners and agents use for success. From simple concepts like traveler profiles to more advanced systems like automated quality control, attention is focused on creating and implementing tools that make the sales process easier and the agent more efficient and accurate.

30 Years of Supplier Relations

In the travel industry, relationships are key. We were founded on the principal of focusing on a limited number of preferred suppliers to be able to outperform our competitors - to our and the supplier's benefit. This enables us to establish and maintain deep and long-lasting relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Ideal Candidate

Success as a franchisee depends in large part on the right personality match for the opportunity. The UNIGLOBE Travel business format is well-suited for individuals with sales, account servicing or account management expertise - however we have had successful franchise owners from all walks of life.

Amongst the characteristics and personality traits that we look for in prospective owners are:

Uniglobe Travel 2
  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Love of travel
  • Ability to follow a process/system, yet creative enough to react to local market needs
  • Outgoing and enjoys networking
  • Dependable and reliable
  • Integrity
  • Has the financial ability to sustain their current lifestyle while developing the business in the first year

Target Market

We have established locations in many cities across the country. However, based on the non-territorial nature of business travel sales, we are accepting applications for all locations* nationwide. We will review each application carefully to determine if the target market has the appropriate demographics and business climate for a new UNIGLOBE location.

In general terms, a single location could be placed in markets as small as 200,000 people up to about 1,000,000. Markets larger than 1,000,000 in population can generally sustain multiple locations with varying ratios depending on the local economy.

The most compelling factor in determining the appropriate market for your agency is the local business climate. Are new companies starting and growing? Is there a culture of entrepreneurship? Have companies moved to your market from other cities? Is the political climate friendly to new and emerging businesses? As a UNIGLOBE Corporate Travel Agency owner, you will need to make contact and establish relationships with owners and managers of local small to mid-size business. An environment that is conducive to these types of businesses is advantageous.


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