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At WaBa Grill, they serve the best possible teriyaki using 100% all natural ingredients, and no artificial additives like MSG

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About WaBa Grill

Waba Grill wants to be the top choice for healthy fast casual food. They focus on high quality meats, fresh vegetables, and no artificial additives.

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Healthy Food, Fast

Waba Grill's salads are freshly prepared just before serving, and all meats are charbroiled. All the vegetables are fresh, not frozen.

The flavor of their teriyaki sauce comes from fresh fruits and vegetables. They use boneless, skinless, low-fat chicken, and quality steak, ribs, and salmon.

No oil is ever used for cooking, and nothing is fried. Customers will enjoy the clean, low-fat, healthy entrees freshly prepared to order that appeal to their desire for tasty food, served at "on the go" speed.

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