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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

White Cloud Franchising


White Cloud Cigarettes is pleased to say that in today’s anti-smoking environment, more and more people are enjoying cigarettes everywhere they go: airports, movie theatres, restaurants, even at work. How is that possible? They are turning to our line of premium electronic cigarettes. White Cloud Cigarettes offer a legal and enjoyable alternative to traditional smokes. In addition to allowing you to smoke in a variety of settings, our e-cigarettes supply you with the nicotine you need without the adverse affects of tobacco and tar. As an added benefit, the ashtray smell associated with smoking is banished, as well. We continue to advance our e-cig technology, improving recharging times and decreasing the sizes of cartridges for a more realistic and pleasant smoking experience. White Cloud continues to work to bring you the most exciting and technologically superior products in the electronic cigarette community.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


Own an affordable, high-growth White Cloud e-cigarette franchise

Our Franchise program is one of the most enjoyable, affordable and rewarding that you will find. We have spent years perfecting our business model so that you can see a quicker return on your investment.

The Electronic Cigarette Industry

Electronic cigarettes is a rapidly growing industry. With 40 million smokers in the United States looking for a better alternative to smoking, this industry is exploding with potential. Electronic cigarettes give smokers the ultimate smoking simulation without tobacco and smoke. It looks like smoking, it feels like smoking, and it satisfies like smoking, but it's so much better than smoking. We give smokers nicotine satisfaction without tobacco using a vapor cloud instead of a smoke cloud.

We gladly give smokers an alternative to the "quit or die" mentality that is usually advertised in today's culture. We provide them an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but we are not a smoking cessation product. Our customers are thrilled to be able to smoke anywhere they like and reap the benefits of smoking without lighting a tobacco cigarette.

The White Cloud Difference

We thoroughly believe in lifetime customers. We stand behind our products and provide an excellent community and support service for our customers. After all, a satisfied White Cloud customer is one of our best means of advertising. We have spent the past several years making improvements on our products so that we can provide the most realistic smoking experience. Back that up with outstanding warranties and exceptional customer service and you have a recipe for success!

While many electronic cigarette companies are online only, we believe that it's important to have physical locations. At each location we allow customers to try our product before they buy it. They have a chance to "smoke" our product while learning about it. Our customers have the opportunity to build relationships with our franchise operators.

In addition to this fantastic product line, training, support, and a turnkey start-up opportunity - The most important factor is the residual. When a customer purchases a White Cloud starter kit, it will change their life. When that same customer comes back time and time again to purchase cartridges, it will change your life through increased revenue. Finally, innovative and timely product releases will continually increase your bottom line.

Own an affordable, high Growth White Cloud e-cigarettes franchise


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