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Yak Shak

Yak Shak Franchise

Introducing Yak Shak, the dynamic and innovative franchise that brings the enchanting world of handmade yak wool products to discerning customers worldwide. As a Yak Shak franchisee, you'll immerse yourself in a captivating venture that combines sustainable fashion, cultural heritage, and social responsibility. Our franchise offers an extensive range of ethically sourced yak wool apparel, accessories, and home goods, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. With our comprehensive support system, including training, marketing assistance, and supply chain management, you'll embark on a rewarding journey of entrepreneurship. Join Yak Shak today and become part of a brand that embraces quality craftsmanship, environmental consciousness, and the timeless beauty of yak wool creations.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$114,200 - $534,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Yak Shak Franchise History

The Yak Shak is a quirky and beloved retail store that has a fascinating history. It all began in the small town of Meadowville in the early 1980s. Two adventurous friends, Alex and Ben, had a shared passion for travel and a deep appreciation for unique treasures from around the world.

Inspired by their backpacking adventures in the Himalayas, they decided to bring a taste of that exotic culture back home. They opened the doors of the Yak Shak in 1983, a humble shop that showcased an eclectic collection of handmade crafts, clothing, and accessories sourced directly from the remote regions they had explored.

The Yak Shak quickly became a local sensation, enchanting customers with its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and one-of-a-kind items. As word spread about this hidden gem, tourists from far and wide flocked to Meadowville to experience the wonders of the Yak Shak for themselves.

The success of the Yak Shak prompted Alex and Ben to expand their offerings. They began collaborating with local artisans and craftsmen, fostering sustainable relationships and ensuring fair trade practices. This not only helped support these talented artists but also added an authentic touch to the Yak Shak's inventory.

Today, the Yak Shak remains a beacon of curiosity, discovery, and cultural appreciation. It continues to celebrate the beauty and craftsmanship of global artisans while promoting sustainable practices and supporting local communities. Whether you're seeking a handwoven scarf from the Andes or an intricately carved wooden mask from Africa, the Yak Shak invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and connection with the world's diverse cultures.

Yak Shak Franchise Business Opportunity

Yak Shak franchise offers exceptional business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a unique and profitable venture. With its innovative concept and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Yak Shak has revolutionized the recreational industry. Franchisees can benefit from a proven business model, comprehensive training and support, and a strong brand presence. From providing high-quality yak rentals to organizing guided tours in breathtaking natural settings, Yak Shak offers a truly memorable experience for adventure enthusiasts of all ages. With a Yak Shak franchise, you can embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey, tapping into a growing market and establishing a thriving business in the outdoor recreation industry.


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