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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Yum Yo's Frozen Yogurt

Yum Yo's Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Yum Yo's Frozen Yogurt offers a unique upscale atmosphere, a wide variety of yogurts and toppings, premium products, and a top quality customer experience. Franchisees receive "real world" training in their corporate owned stores, help with location and grand opening, and ongoing support.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$225,000 - $310,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Yum Yo's Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt franchises are one of the fastest-growing concepts in the nation. Consumers arethrilled to be able to get exactly what they want when they choose their favorite flavors, toppings and quantitycombinations. This allows Yum Yo’s customers to “create their own masterpiece” because at Yum Yo’s, “Wemake it YUMmy, you make it YO’s”.

Customer Experience

What makes Yum Yo’s stores unique is the upscale atmosphere, wide variety of yogurts and toppings, ourpremium products (no powdered yogurt mix - ours comes to us as frozen yogurt and stays that way), and a topquality customer experience. We host first rate “all you can eat” yogurt parties, fundraisers, and can cater forhundreds at any type of event.

Yum Yo’s offers over 90 toppings in each store and has over 160 rotating flavors of premium yogurt. Kids lovethe huge selection of gummies, candy, chocolate and popping boba. Adults enjoy the unique rotating flavors,wide variety of fresh fruit and healthy toppings. Once customers experience “creating their own masterpiece”from 21 flavors and over 90 toppings, they won’t go anywhere else.

Franchise Philosophy

We are committed to helping you succeed, so we have taken an unparalleled approach to franchising. YumYo’s corporate staff will support you every step of the way, beginning with site selection, through construction,grand opening and ongoing operations. While other franchisors offer “detailed manuals” and “daily e-mail andphone support”, Yum Yo’s knows there is nothing better than having someone right there to talk to.

Your training will include time in our corporate owned stores experiencing day to dayoperations in a “real world” atmosphere, not a classroom setting. Yum Yo’s corporatestaff will visit your location and help work through issues with you. We won’t just sendyou manuals and say “call me if you need me”. We are committed that someone fromthe corporate office will be there for every Yum Yo’s grand opening!

After grand opening, you will have access to the corporate staff, as well as access to themanagement staff in any of our corporate stores. We are here to help in any way wecan.

Our Product

We have over 160 flavors to choose from which results in over 12,800 flavor combinations. We offer only thehighest quality premium products with the National Yogurt Association’s Active and Live Cultures Seal. Wenever use a powdered mix that results in an inconsistent taste experience for our customers. We have over 90 toppings on our topping bar (over 36 feet of toppings) but our average daily consumable inventory is less than$1,000. We always have 2 flavors per machine and insure that the twist of the 2 is another great flavor. Weoffer all of these options every day so that all of our customers can find something they love - low fat, non-fat,no sugar added, fruit flavor, indulgent flavor, and non-dairy. Our biggest complaint – “you just took out myfavorite flavor” and the next customer that walks in the door will inevitably say “thanks for bringing back myfavorite flavor”.

Discounted Franchise Fees

Yum Yo’s Franchising proudly supports service men and women and offers a reduction of the initial franchise fee of 25% to military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and EMS personnel.



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