ZIPS Dry Cleaners Franchise

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About ZIPS Dry Cleaners

ZIPS, an aggressively expanding national dry cleaning franchise chain with 18 locations on the East Coast, is quickly becoming the leader in the dry cleaning industry with its ?In by 9, out by 5? promise, which ensures happy customers and a high number of garments being dry cleaned on a daily basis. ZIPS began in 1996 with eight dry cleaners in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. Those ZIPS locations joined together in October 2002 to become the largest chain of retail dry cleaners in the area, and since then, have grown to 18 locations. With its, ?In by 9, out by 5? policy and $1.99 charge for any dry cleaned and pressed garment, ZIPS has become increasingly popular in every market where they are located. ZIPS also cleans the clothes on-site, allowing them to handle a high number of garments each day.

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