Acquiring Traffic

WEBINAR: Driving Traffic To Your Franchise's Website

Eli Robinson
Wednesday, June 29 2016

In this webinar, FranchiseHelp's Eli Robinson explores Step One of online franchise lead generation: Acquiring Traffic.

Tell me everything you know about internet advertising

  • Some questions to consider before you start advertising online

    • Who are you targeting? Where is the click being sent? And more.

  • Six strategies for acquiring traffic on the internet

    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): 

      • Paid advertising on search result pages on sites like Google and Bing

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

      • Attempting to rank highly on search result pages on sites like Google and Bing, without buying ads

    • Content Marketing

      • Creating content to encourage people to engage with your brand

    • Social Media Marketing:

      • Advertising within a social media network, and reaching your users where they are spending time

    • Display:

      • Traditional banner image ads

    • Affiliate:

      • Partnerships with relevant websites in your industry, who will publish your content on their website and send traffic back to you