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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Biscuit Belly Heats Up for Growth with Unrivaled Support

Biscuit Belly has become a prime opportunity for franchisees, offering a distinctive mix of innovation, comprehensive training, and support unmatched in franchising.

The rapidly emerging brand continues to sizzle with 12 locations open in Kentucky, Georgia, Indiana, Alabama, and Virginia, and 20-plus stores in development. Biscuit Belly has taken the brunch scene by storm with a high-demand, “craft casual” approach and a chef-driven menu of gourmet biscuit breakfast sandwiches served up with a hefty side of Southern-style hospitality.

It’s a road to success paved with unparalleled operations, training, and ongoing support set to propel the Kentucky-based brand and its franchisees to even greater heights.

Franchise owners are empowered from the start with a hands-on, 20-day positional and management training program in Louisville, Kentucky, Biscuit Belly’s home base.

“We are a made-from-scratch, made-to-order concept,” says Lisa Dwelly, Biscuit Belly’s Vice President of Training Operations. “That is an important piece of the training, and you really have to understand what that looks and feels like. By bringing franchisees to where it all started in Louisville, they’re able to truly get a feeling for how we seamlessly execute this experience for our customers.”

Dwelly, who initially served as a consultant for the brand, officially joined the company in 2022 bringing with her a resume stacked with more than 27 years of training, development, and operations experience. Before Biscuit Belly, Dwelly served as Vice President of Training Operations at Torchy’s Tacos and Senior Director of Training for Texas Roadhouse, where she got her industry start waiting tables in the brand’s third location in Gainesville, Florida.

The seasoned executive continues to bolster Biscuit Belly’s strategic development with fine-tuned training and support designed to help their franchise partners how and when they need it before, during and beyond opening day.

Dwelly and a seven-member team “wrap their arms around” franchisees to train, coach, and prep everyone for each store’s opening — on-site for a minimum of 10 days to ensure they are equipped and ready to deliver the Southern-inspired comfort food classics and prime guest service that have made Biscuit Belly a destination spot. Every team member is expertly cross-trained in two positions.

“We are training your team for four full days and staying for support,” Dwelly says. “The goal is that everyone feels confident to handle a $2,000 hour and do it with style, grace, and genuine charm.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Continuous support and resources are available through the brand’s learning management system, with every member of the brand’s best-in-class leadership team just a phone call away, Dwelly says.

Entrepreneurs and seasoned multi-unit pros are embracing Biscuit Belly’s seamless business model, craveable menu, and robust fan following, with existing franchisees signing on for more development.

Biscuit Belly’s multi-unit group, DGB Tenn LLC (“DGB”), are building on the success of their first year in Chesapeake, Virginia—and more opening soon—inking an agreement to extend their partnership with new locations.

DGB, a group of investors and restaurant executives with strong backgrounds in multi-unit development, is hatching plans to bring new locations to Northern Virginia and South Carolina, including at least three additional locations throughout Arlington, Falls Church, and Reston, Virginia, and further expansion into Greenville, South Carolina.

“The tremendous reception we’ve received from our first location has been more than we could’ve anticipated,” says Clint Umphrey, Operating Partner for DGB. “Biscuit Belly is a great brand with well-designed systems and operations and an incredible group of loyal patrons. We’re thrilled to continue to expand the brand into Virginia and the Carolinas after the initial success of our Chesapeake location.”

Founded by Lauren and Chad Coulter in 2019 and franchising since 2020, Biscuit Belly actively seeks single and multi-unit franchise partners. To discover your opportunities to rise up with the Better Brunch franchise, head to

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