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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Perspire Sauna Studio Inks 3-Studio Development Deal for Phoenix, Arizona

Leader in Infrared/Red-Light Sauna Therapy Continues Rapid Southwest Expansion

PHOENIX, Ariz. (MAY 16, 2024) – As the Arizona summer fast approaches, Perspire Sauna Studio, the country’s largest full-spectrum infrared (IR) and red-light (RL) sauna therapy franchise, is only picking up steam in The Valley of the Sun; announcing this morning a new 3-studio deal with locals Caleb and Ellary Rath, who shared that “There’s no better time to break this development news and think about a Perspire Sauna Studio membership than now.”

Both franchisees come to the table with a depth of business experience: Ellary in the non-profit space, and Caleb in brand development. However, they shared an ambition to create something of their own. As it so happened, the answer to that something was revealed through Ellary’s deteriorating liver and leaky gut syndrome.

“I spent years going from doctor to doctor, being prescribed medication after medication for my acne, anxiety, and depression. But nothing ever helped, and it put a bad taste in my mouth for traditional healthcare,” Ellary shared. “It was only once I visited a naturopath and began attending regular infrared/red-light sauna sessions that I started feeling better and my conditions went into remission. I want our studios to serve the Phoenix community in that same capacity, helping people navigate and supplement their own health journey’s more effectively and efficiently.”

Perspire Sauna Studio has taken an active role in advancing the research behind the modality’s full range of health capabilities, which has proven a significant selling point for those looking to get involved with an impactful brand that’s making holistic health more widely-accepted, accessible, and comprehensive than ever.

“Phoenix continuously proves to be one of the most receptive markets in the country for Perspire’s franchise opportunity. This is a testament to the health-conscious culture of the local community,” said Perspire Sauna Studio Founder and CEO Lee Braun. “Ellary and Caleb’s agreement will ensure that trend carries on, and the franchise maintains a growing presence in the valley for years to come.”

Perspire Sauna Studio is currently seeking single-unit and multi-unit franchisees interested in new career opportunities or those looking to diversify their current portfolios. To learn more about the brand’s franchising opportunities, visit

About Perspire Sauna Studio:

Perspire Sauna Studio is the fastest-growing infrared sauna and red-light therapy franchise in the U.S. The science-based, technology-driven, wellness company provides guests a modern-day experience to a centuries-old practice through elevated infrared (IR) sauna and red-light therapy (RLT). The brand was established in 2010 by Founder & CEO Lee Braun, with a goal to expand into major markets throughout the U.S. and further instill its vision of making the infrared sauna experience accessible to all. The company has awarded 200 franchise licenses, with 55 open studios around the U.S.

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