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ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring Franchise

ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring is an academic tutoring company that differentiates itself by having the tutor come directly to the client's home

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About ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring

ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring is an academic tutoring company that demonstrates that tutoring is made simple and convenient when the teacher comes directly to the client’s house. The company believes that all students have the ability to learn, however, no one approach works for everyone. Therefore, the tutoring approach is customized for each student to meet his or her needs and correspond with his or her abilities. Tutoring not only builds knowledge, but self-confidence and self-esteem. Tutoring is available in all subjects from kindergarten to college. Some tutors specialize in math or reading, while others are prepared to work with students with learning disabilities. The tutors have been proven effective in improving grades and test scores.

Full Franchise Information

Before beginning, a professional with ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring will come to the franchisee for three days of training. There forward, the company will offer newsletters, meetings, and marketing support.

ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring Franchise Opportunities - History

ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring is a privately held company that began in 2004. In just one year, the tutoring company began franchising. Currently, ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring serves Kansas City, Boca Raton, Florida, and Williamson County, Tennessee, though new franchises would obviously expand this area elsewhere.

ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring Franchise Income

ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring has a franchise fee of $19,500 for a 10-year renewable agreement. The total initial investment, however, ranges from $29,500 to $52,500. ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring tacks on an additional 4-6% ongoing royalty fee.

ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring Business Opportunities: Other Information

Franchisees of ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring do not need to be education experts. Instead, they are the people who hire and manage the tutors. Tutors love working for ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring as their appointments are set up on their behalf, a flexible schedule, and good wages. Tutors are assessed for their skill sets and matched with the clients who they can benefit the most to keep all parties happy and feeling successful.

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