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Aeon and Time to Save offer you a unique opportunity. It can be a home based business or a very nice add on to your current career. It will give you the ability to acquire prospects and make a substantial amount of residual income through a unique sales approach leveraging our dual screen video conferencing unit. We do the billing, collecting, and the sales. You just need to get the appointments and enjoy the income and lifestyle that come from it.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$27,500 - $200,000
Franchise fee


Who is AEON?

AEON is a company that delivers innovative products and services to help businesses communicate better, manage their business better and reduce costs. The AEON Solution combines over 100 communications related products and services that expand into the fields of voice services, video teleconferencing, desktop collaboration, digital signage, network security and redundancy, IPTV, wireless communications, and more. AEON has a complete product line designed to help businesses operate more efficiently and securely, and provide you with the opportunity to build a long term revenue stream. We have a proven track record that spans 5 decades.

We Will Make You Successful

But all of these great products and services are not what’s going to make you successful. You will be successful because of AEON’s unique sales approach. We look to optimize every opportunity that you have. Even if you have little or no knowledge of communications, we will make sure that your client is well educated about technology today. Your clients will be introduced to the most cost effective and efficient methods of arming their business with the very best tools available. With every sales call that you schedule, a professional AEON consultant will provide a full and detailed sales presentation to you and your client, requiring no effort on your part. You will have product specialists and your support team available to provide on the spot quotes and contracts to your prospect, so that you can often wrap up your sale in a single sales call whenever possible.


This is what we call a lifestyle business. It’s an opportunity to work from home and have lots of Freedom and Flexibility while creating a lifetime of residual income. As an Affiliate with AEON, you will be in business for yourself but not by yourself. We are looking for people that are outgoing, who enjoy meeting new people, who like to build relationships and grow those relationships. That’s it! We do the rest.

We have over 100 products to offer our customers that will satisfy all of their network needs. We handle it all. Imagine having a business where you do not need to have the technical expertise, the extensive training or product knowledge? Customer service, installation, billing collecting, even the selling is handled by our staff here in Wallingford CT. With our WOW Box technology, we have revolutionized the sales process.

According to Brian Tracy, there are 7 steps to selling.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Building Rapport
  3. Identifying needs
  4. Delivering persuasive presentations
  5. Overcoming objections
  6. Closing the sales
  7. Getting repeat sales and referrals

In our process, you are only responsible for step 1. Our system takes care of the rest. By not having to worry about steps 2-7, you are able to work on your business, not in your businesses. This frees you up to concentrate on building more revenue for yourself vs. doing the day to day technical operations or even customer support work that would hinder your ability to go out and develop new business and of course grow your business.

Being able to offer so many products and services allows you to be a one stop resource for anyone’s network needs and at a better price than they will find anywhere else. Since we are saving businesses money, we are essentially recession resistant. Since every business uses the products we have, there is no business out there that we can’t work with.

The AEON Affiliate Program also makes it easy to grow and expand and acquire multiple licenses. This gives you an opportunity to leverage your capital and other people’s talent to bring you even more equity and passive income for yourself and your family. It’s an opportunity to build the kind of equity and income that you want while being able to actually enjoy your life. All for a very affordable investment.

Time To Save


Time to Save is a rapidly expanding social and philanthropic organization committed to helping its members secure their financial future. We provide our members with personal finance information, education, and cash back on purchases they make with our partners. The cash back is then invested by our members to help them prepare and save for their future.

Both opportunities are combined into this one low investment.

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