Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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AEON Franchise

AEON® is one of the world leaders for telecom solutions offering unparalleled income potential in the $1.4 trillion telecommunications industry. We have made the AEON franchise a turnkey investment with a proven franchise model with exceptional support, training, and guidance. What are you waiting for? Find out more about this exceptional business opportunity.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$100,000 - $82,200
Franchise fee
Franchising Since

Own an AEON Franchise - Questions & Answers

What is it?

  • Provider of complete business communication services for small, medium and large corporate customers
  • Endeavors to simplify communications and thereby reduce cost and efficiency for customers
  • Integrates communication services such as voice and data networks, billing, conferencing, cloud and IT, security and others

How does it make money?

  • Business customers pay ongoing fees depending on range of communication services
  • Sales of equipment for managing communication systems
  • Consulting on existing systems and assisting in implementing more efficient solutions

Who is it for?

  • Franchisees with strong sales background and customer service experience
  • Organized business people who can manage time, scheduling and personnel
  • Someone at least somewhat familiar with communication systems and their respective functions

What would you do as a franchisee?

  • Work closely with business customers to assess their communication systems and needs
  • Travel to businesses to install, implement and train personnel in using new integrated systems
  • Hire communication consultants and technicians as needed


AEON®’s mission is to unite best of breed products and services from the Telecom, Billing, Visual, Audible, Security, Technology, Compliance, Finance, and Advertising industries, in order to be the dominating force in the Unified Communications marketplace worldwide.


AEON® is one of the world leaders for telecom solutions offering unparalleled income potential in the $1.4 trillion telecommunications industry.

AEON® is a dominant single source leader offering a compelling value proposition to small, medium and enterprise businesses with an offering of over 100 products and services. Our franchisees save their clients money in numerous cost categories.


A member of the AEON® field support staff intends to visit each franchisee quarterly for the first year of operation. Thereafter, the franchisee will be visited on an as-needed basis by a representative from AEON® (this will usually include at least one visit per year).

In addition to field support, members of the Franchisor organization will provide the services listed below. The Franchisor must assign a specific person to cover each of these support areas (one person can be assigned to more than one task). The names of support staff members who are officers, directors, or have significant management responsibility in conjunction with franchisees will be disclosed in the AEON® Disclosure Document. The Franchisor has the responsibility to assign a person/people to each task during the development of the franchise program.

  • Operational Support / Back Office Work
  • Marketing Support
  • Inventory and Purchasing
  • Accounting/Audit/Legal
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • Franchise Sales and Overall Program Oversight

An evaluation of the existing organization would indicate, for the short-term that the above responsibilities could be incorporated into the existing structure. However, as sales goals are met and the franchise network expands, the Franchisor should expect to hire additional support personnel as needed. Accurate Franchising will be working alongside with AEON® management to run the franchise company and manage the new work that comes with the franchise growth model.


Strong sales and customer service abilities. The AEON® model is successful because the current company has been aggressive and consistent in marketing the services and has always provided great value to its customers. The owner/operator for an AEON® franchisee must be very comfortable with face-to- face customer service work and sales directly to the decision maker.

Good with Timing and Schedule Management. The busy schedule and fast paced AEON® will keep the owners busy during the week. A typical franchisee will need to be able to manage a crew (or multiple crews) in an organized and timely fashion. Each franchisee will be evaluated on their punctuality and communicative abilities.

Problem Solver. A franchisee should be able to think on their feet and must be a proficient problem-solver. They must be able to relate to clients, they must be able to negotiate, and they should not be abrasive or combative with any client.

High personal standards. Excellence, honesty, integrity, etc. It is critical that the franchisees do have the customers as their number one priority in servicing clients and delivering the services upon which AEON® has built its reputation. As franchises are opened and the brand reach is expanded, the quality of the service is ultimately what will sustain long-term relationships and, therefore, make or break the AEON® concept.

Able to meet initial investment requirements. AEON® franchisees should have about $65,900 in investment capital to account for working capital, start-up costs, marketing dollars and initial franchise fees to get their AEON® off the ground. In some cases, a franchisee may be able to obtain a line of credit to fund a portion of the franchise business start-up – they should have a minimum 650 credit score along with 30% collateral of what is being borrowed.

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