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Aire-Master is a leading odor control and commercial hygiene service built on a repeat-business service model

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Aire-Master is an odor control and commercial hygiene service which can be operated from home. The nature of the service means franchisees can anticipate repeat business every 7 to 14 days. Virtually any business or public facility is a potential Aire-Master customer, including hospitals and other public facilities.

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Aire-Master has been around since 1958. Starting out as a local commercial deodorizing service in Missouri, we began franchising our odor control and commercial hygiene business in the mid 1970s. Today we have over 100 franchises in the US and Canada. Aire-Master has become the market leader in the commercial hygiene industry. 

You’re Invited! 

Aire-Master’s franchises are a tight community of hardworking people who genuinely appreciate the opportunities they experience as Aire Master franchisees. This is due in part to our established national brand that boasts a 58-year history and an operating system that provides comprehensive training, on-going support, and an educational annual conference for all our franchisees. 

Ideal Candidate Image title

  • Has successful performance track record in business as an owner or employee. 

  • Has the ability to perform, hire, or supervise sales employees to make cold calls and preset appointment sales. 

  • Has the capital or borrowing ability to purchase franchise license and territory and build the business. 

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Aire-Master’s repeat-service model is one of our main strengths. We service our customers every 7 to 14 days. Virtually any business or public facility is a potential Aire-Master customer, including hospitals and other public facilities. We are not dependent on a single industry or narrow market. Our services and products include: 

  • Odor Control: We eliminate tough odors and leave facilities smelling great. 

  • Cleaning: We make restroom and hard surface floor cleaning quick and easy for our customers by doing the hard work. 

  • Hand Care: We provide soaps and sanitizers for customers and employees. 

  • Paper: We provide quality paper towels and tissues so our customers never run out.

  • Fly Control: We make fly problems manageable safely and effectively. 

Low Investment / Low Overhead 

Aire-Master gives you a low initial investment opportunity. You can start your franchise by yourself, or with just a few employees. You can open a small office location, or run it right from your home. All you need is a small office space, minimal inventory, a computer, storage area and a suitable vehicle. 


Aire-Master offers you the advantage of starting up a new business quickly as opposed to building a new business from scratch. Our franchise model is flexible enough to accommodate your personal vision. You can even expand to build many service routes with multiple employees. The choice is yours.

Our Franchising Advantage

The Aire-Master business model offers:

  • A home-based business (zoning permitting) with limited inventory to carry

  • Low investment

  • Low overhead

  • Exclusive territory

  • Great proprietary products manufactured by Aire-Master

  • A repeat-service cycle that provides a residual income

  • Proprietary software for management of your customer base and more 

We Make It Easy

We value each and every person in our franchise system! We will do everything we can to make the franchising process as enjoyable and painless as possible. We’ll stay involved with you and extend our commitment to give you lots of encouragement and support.

Awards / Acknowledgments


1. Franchise 500 Awards:

  • ranked on this prestigious list for 20 years

  • ranked #1 Restroom Service franchise in 2014, 2011, 2008, 2005, 2004, 1999

2. Top 100 Home-Based Franchise Awards:

  • ranked on this prestigious list for 13 years

  • ranked #74 in 2015

3. Top 100 Low-Cost Franchise Awards: 

  • ranked on this prestigious list the past 11 years

  • ranked #44 in 2015


1. Franchise Satisfaction Awards:

  • ranked as one of the Top 50 Franchise Satisfaction list for 2016 and past 10 years

2. Franchise Best for Vets Franchise Awards:

  • ranked as a top franchise for veterans in 2014 and 2015 


1. Best for Vets Franchise Awards:

  • ranked #31 on the Best For Vets Franchise list in 2014


“It’s nice to work together with your spouse and grow our business together. We make a great team—cheering each other on.” —Ashley Canipe, Northern Colorado — Since 2010

“I had an idea of what I was looking for. And I researched it and found that Aire-Master hit pretty much all those areas that I wanted as far as cost of ownership, repeat business, quality of product, the people you work for…As it turned out, it was a real blessing. It was the best thing we ever did.” —Jim and Pat Schwartz, Western New York  — Since 1996


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