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ALP Services

ALP Services Franchise

Our objective for customers is first and foremost to control liquor loss and improve profitability. ALPS effective method of loss measurement and prevention techniques give bar owner’s loss visibility and provide focus to address the waste, shrinkage, or theft of profits.

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Alcohol Loss Prevention

What We Do

ALP Services, Inc. is a bar and restaurant owners best friend. ALP Services are all about Accurate Loss Prevention, it's even in our name. Bar and restaurant owners have a real problem with inventory (liquor and food) management and more to the point LOSS management. Controlling LOSS is a major step towards increasing an owner's bottom line profits and with ALPS you can make that happen.

In today's world, bars and restaurants operate on low margins so it's imperative that owners manage their costs of which inventory loss is a big part of. ALPS offers you the software license tobecome the owner's hero and through your services identify and help them manage their inventory loss.

ALPS software is thekeyand offers a very effective method of loss measurement and inventory management to give restaurant and bar owner's the visibility and focus they need to address the waste, shrinkage, or theft of profits. And with a national average of 25% loss on just alcohol alone there's significant of room for improvement which and with you as the key to make it happen.

What We Offer

ALPS offers a software license and software training for your auditors to quickly assess the liquor andor food loss for your customers. Armed with the software you can identify for your customers both quantity and profit loss which translates to a happy customer and continued services for you. The ALPS Reports you share with the customer such as the Loss Variance report and the Loss Leader Trend report and many others are of incredible value to the owners to help them focus on where and the loss extent. Many times inventory loss is reduced significantly just by the mere fact that the bartender staff knows there's a 3rd party auditor watching.

Why is being an ALPS licensee the way to go?

You have the incredible opportunity to be help restaurantbar owners save incredible amounts of money which in turn makes quite a profitable business for you. For many reasons bar owners have kept themselves in the dark consistently under estimating their bars true liquor and food inventory loss; that is until you shine a light on the problem with a liquor inventory audit. Through this simple liquor andor food usage audit service you gain the information key to assist owners on how to improve their bottom line and become more profitable,who wouldn't want that?

1 Run the numbers, do the Math, see what's possible $$$: For a bar owner, experiencing the national average of 25% loss on liquor on a bar generating $5,000 weekly is a loss of $1,250 a week or $65,000 annually. Reduce their loss by even a few points and ask, what restaurant and bar owner wouldn't want to add that to their bottom line?

For an ALPS licensee (and that would be you),a bar owner pays for example $200 per audit and you (or your auditor) performs 3 audits a day you see revenues of $600 per day. With even a small business where you're the only auditor you'll see revenue of $156,000 annually (with you as the only auditor). With more auditors the numbers become incredible.

2 Success Focused: From the start the ALPS approach has been focused on you,focused to make audits easier, faster, more accurate, which translates to better service you can provide your customers at a better price than all other competitors. We knew you had to be armed with software that's better, leaps and bounds better, than our competitors and we did it. The challenge was simple, add more value to the customer with more (accurate) information, and make audits faster for the auditor and hence less expensive and more time to do more audits.

As a long-time former Bevinco auditor has said,"the ALPS software solution is a great design attacking the speed at which an audit can be performed with an innovative approach making it 500% times easier to use and to complete an audit than what [competitors] offer their franchisee auditors".Simply put, auditors using the ALPS software can offer better service, for a better price, and more value to their customers.

3 No better Opportunity:

  • The ALPS software solution auditors use resides on a web hosted computer we call ALPS Online so our software is in a word EASY. There's no software to load or update on your computer, no synchronizing of audit data, no risk of data loss, and better customer auditoraudit management. Running ALPS Online does offer each licensee with multiple auditors some additional management reports.
  • OR Run the Software on your own computer or laptop which requires only a USB key for authorization.
  • ALPS License owners can sell not only your own ALP Services, sell the ALP Online software solution and let the customer audit themselves if they so choose. You provide the try-and-buy program startup services and you generate revenue every time they do their own audit.ALPS license owners can grow their business without being limited to only 250 liquor establishments (as is our competitor's practice).
  • ALPS License owners using the ALPS Online Service can manage their auditors with Audit Schedule Reports, and Auditor Performance Reports.
  • ALPS Corporate provides extensive software training so you can gain an understanding of the value appreciation of what the software can do for your prospective customers to share with them.
  • ALPS Corporate controls your license territory closely making sure your territory is not flooded with other ALPS license owners.
  • ALPS Corporate has an array of Partnership Alliances for technology, hardware, technical services that can outfit you with all of the necessary hardware, laptop, scanner, and scales needed for your business auditors.

Let's work together and grow together to reach incredible heights with revenue beyond your dreams.


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