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Altoids Gum Vending Machines by Candy King

Altoids Gum Vending Machines by Candy King Franchise

Snappy and jazzy vending machine franchise that you can chew on for a long time! Big name vendors, ground floor opportunity. For the first time ever, Altoids Brand Chewing Gum is being sold from designer candy machines. You can get in on the ground floor of a new opportunity with unbelievable profit potential. In association with Kraft Foods Global, South Florida based Candy King of America, Inc. is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of one of the most attractive vending machines ever released. The machine is made of brushed aluminum and mimics the Altoids Chewing Gum can we all know and love.

Facts & Figures

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Where does the brand find itself today?

To build awareness on the successful launch of Altoids gum, Kraft has partnered with Candy King of America, one of the nation’s most prestigious manufacturers of designer bulk vending machines. Candy King has designed a single-serving vending machine mimicked to look just like the Altoids tin. The initial response to this program has been outstanding. In as little as 30 days, Candy King has sold 470 machines, each carrying 10lbs of product. Kraft would like to continue this momentum with a trade ad in key magazines that will generate leads for Candy King to help sell this machine and in turn, pull more volume for the Altoids bulk product. The volume generated for Kraft is 100% incremental as Altoids bulk doesn’t compete with any other vend product.

As part of the contract signed between Kraft and Candy King of America, Kraft has responsibility for creative approval. Since this is the 1st ad, we want to set the tone for future executions and educate Candy King about Kraft’s guidelines and preferences.

What is the problem/opportunity that advertising must solve?

Generally, bulk gums target teens and children. By offering a premium sugar free gum in a sleek bulk dispenser, Candy King has created a unique opportunity to merchandise Altoids to an untapped consumer audience. This is a very compelling proposition to bulk vending machine distributors.

Who is the bullseye target?

Distributors with larger routes and more machines.

What do we expect our target to do, feel or understand as a result of this advertising?

Purchase Candy King’s Bulk Altoids Gum Single-Serving Vending Machine, a unique product with huge financial potential.

What is the insight that we have into our consumer?

  • Customers (primary target): Selective group of distributors who are awarded routes in each area will benefit from the high demand of this premium gum.
  • Consumers: Adults who enjoy sugar-free gum and are aware of the Altoids brand.

What is the strategic one thing we need to communicate?

Distributors now have the a great opportunity to provide their customers with Altoids in a special bulk vending machine and get an individual route for placing these machines.

What are the creative considerations?

  • Emphasize unique packaging and graphics of vending machine.
  • Portray Altoids as premium brand that is expanding its horizons.

Tone:Fresh, Innovative, Quality

THE FUTURE OF VENDING... Candy King of America, Inc. has been licensed by Kraft Foods to manufacture and distribute the unique BULK ALTOIDS GUM SINGLE-SERVING VENDING MACHINE. Our team designed this special bulk vending machine to mimic the Altoids chewing gum tin

PREMIUM SUGAR-FREE PRODUCT... It is not every day that a consumer can find a truly premium, sugar-free gum sold from a bulk vending machine. THIS MACHINE WILL HAVE A SPECIAL APPEAL TO ADULTS, which is a unique proposition among bulk vending products and an incremental opportunity for you.

THE OPPORTUNITY... Candy King of America is now offering Distributorships throughout the United States. The initial response to this program has obviously been incredible. We have been virtually inundated with requests for Altoids Vending Machines and premium sugar-free gum from every corner of the U.S.. However, as with Candy King's other related vending programs, WE LIMIT THE NUMBER OF DISTRIBUTORS THAT WE AWARD ROUTES TO IN EACH AREA. Even though every demographic area has a potential for an unlimited amount of locations, we do this so as not to over saturate any given area with too many individual Distributors. Candy King finds it more effective to have fewer Distributors with larger routes and more machines than vise versa. Our customers love it because they receive a bigger market share of their area.


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