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American Town Mailer is a direct mail advertising and marketing company created by Deborah Rowland and Dale Jarrett in 1976. The company aims at supporting small to medium sized businesses in approaching their target market and offer these smaller companies a chance of advertising to compete with the larger corporations. American Town Mailer not only advertizes for the companies but also meets up with them and helps them design coupons for advertisement. The designs are produced at American Town Mailer

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Deborah Rowland and Dale Jarrett began American Town Mailer in 1976 to assist small to medium-sized businesses in the Phoenix area with direct mail advertising and marketing. The company began franchising in 2000. American Town Mailer franchisees meet with business owners, helping them design coupons or advertisements. Those designs are produced at American Town Mailer's corporate office, then packaged and shipped with coupons and advertisements from other businesses in the area. The package is sent to households within the franchisee's territory.

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