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Bareburger Franchise

Bareburger, the renowned franchise, is a haven for burger enthusiasts seeking a culinary adventure that embodies sustainability and flavor. With a commitment to organic and locally sourced ingredients, Bareburger crafts tantalizing burger creations that satisfy both taste buds and ethical sensibilities. From classic beef patties to innovative plant-based alternatives, their diverse menu caters to all dietary preferences without compromising on quality or taste. Each bite reveals a harmonious blend of wholesome ingredients and bold seasonings, wrapped in a fluffy bun and accompanied by a tantalizing array of toppings and condiments. With its eco-friendly practices and a dedication to providing an unforgettable dining experience, Bareburger has carved a niche as a pioneer in the world of conscious burger indulgence.

Facts & Figures

$123,000 - $1,550,000
Franchise fee
$10,000 - $50,000
Units in operation


Bareburger Franchise History

Bareburger is a renowned franchise that specializes in serving organic and sustainable burgers. The franchise has a captivating history that began in 2009 when two friends, Euripides Pelekanos and Michalis Gkolfinopoulos, saw an opportunity to revolutionize the fast-food industry.

The story of Bareburger begins in Astoria, New York, where the first location opened its doors. Frustrated with the lack of healthy and environmentally conscious food options, Pelekanos and Gkolfinopoulos set out to create a burger concept that prioritized quality ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and customer satisfaction.

The founders' commitment to sustainability and social responsibility resonated with consumers, and Bareburger quickly gained popularity. Through a combination of mouthwatering flavors, unique ingredient combinations, and a dedication to freshness, the franchise captured the attention of burger enthusiasts seeking a healthier and more ethical dining experience.

Recognizing the potential for expansion, Bareburger embraced the franchise model in 2010, allowing passionate entrepreneurs to join the movement and bring the concept to their communities. The franchise offered comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure consistency and maintain the brand's core values across all locations.

Over the years, Bareburger expanded beyond its New York roots and opened new locations throughout the United States and internationally. The franchise's success can be attributed to its emphasis on quality, taste, and environmental stewardship. Each Bareburger location embodies a warm and welcoming atmosphere, promoting a sense of community and connection.

Today, Bareburger stands as a well-established franchise with a global presence, known for its dedication to serving delicious, responsibly sourced burgers. The franchise's commitment to organic and sustainable practices, combined with its diverse menu options, has earned it a loyal customer base and accolades within the industry.

Bareburger Franchise Business Opportunity

Bareburger offers exciting franchise business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to join the rapidly growing and highly popular fast-casual restaurant industry. As a renowned brand committed to sustainability, Bareburger provides a unique and innovative dining experience centered around organic, all-natural, and locally sourced ingredients. With a diverse menu featuring mouthwatering burgers, salads, sandwiches, and vegan options, Bareburger appeals to a wide range of customers seeking high-quality, healthier food choices. Franchisees benefit from a well-established and proven business model, comprehensive training and support, and a strong network of like-minded individuals passionate about food and sustainability. By becoming a part of the Bareburger family, franchisees can tap into a successful and socially responsible brand, capitalizing on the growing demand for delicious, eco-friendly dining options.


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