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Beacon & Proximity DEALS are the hottest marketing tools around for local businesses

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About Beacon Deals

Beacon & Proximity DEALS are the hottest marketing tools around for local businesses. BeaconEdge provides training, marketing material, software and support. No experience needed!

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Proximity Deals are Exploding!

Provide businesses with the most innovative way to get deals in front of consumers when it matters most

Start a local Beacon and GeoFence Deals Business

You do not need experience in mobile marketing to make money in this fast growing industry. BeaconEdge’s turn-key business-in-a-box gives anyone the ability to make it big with proximity marketing.

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Turn-Key Business

Look no further, BeaconEdge makes it easy to start making money quickly.

  • White-labeled - your domain

  • 100% your business!

  • Keep 100% of sales

  • Set your own plans and pricing

  • Cutting edge software

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 Beacons are the hottest marketing tool around for businesses.

  • Location based deals

  • Every business can use it

  • Push notifications

  • Engages customers


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  • Make marketing fences around your business.

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Engages customers

  • Send deals and more

  • Fastest growing marketing tool

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What Our Opportunity Includes

BeaconEdge provides everything you will need to run a successful local Proximity business. No experience needed!

  • Branded website with your domain

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Client portals

  • Branded marketing material

  • All the training and support you could want

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