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Bio-Solutions Franchise Corporation and their partner, Bio-Solutions Manufacturing Inc., is a technology provider of biological solutions to meet the constantly increasing demand by varying industries for environmentally-conscious forms of waste removal and remediation. By focusing on waste removal with the usage of microorganisms that naturally consume and ultimately break down waste materials such as oil spills, contaminated ground water and other industrial processes.

Facts & Figures


Bio-Solutions Franchise Corp. is a quickly growing, privately held franchise, gaining attention for their acknowledgment of newly instated regulations to try to solve the problems of organic waste management and the usage of caustic chemicals.

Bio-Solutions Franchise Opportunities - History

Founded in 1998, Bio-Solutions Franchise (formerly known as Paradigm Sales & Marketing Inc.) is currently based in Hattiesburg, MS. Experiencing great success in 2001 with multiple Taco Bell restaurants in southern Mississippi, by introducing to them “Bio-Plumber”, which utilizes microbes(in this case varying strains of bacteria) developed to decompose a range of organic matters (mainly animal fats). Focusing on using nature's resources instead of developing dangerous chemicals alongside the increased introduction of Federal and State regulations on waste and chemical management has also recently helped catapult the corporation.

Bio-Solution Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Bio-Solution Franchise


The current reported revenue is around $1million to $2.5million dollars. Franchise cost and initial investment is not readily available.

Bio-Solutions Business Opportunities: Other Information

Bioremediation is a growing concern and technology that has already helped reduce the effect of environmental pollutants. The products offered by Bio- Solutions provide safe, and economical alternatives to harsher and dangerous chemicals.


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