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Birds Eye Global Tracking


Birds Eye Global Tracking provides a proven turnkey business opportunity for a smooth and immediate flow of business and revenue in the GPS Tracking Industry. Exclusive master distributorship, unparalleled customer service, marketing and technical support and much more.

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Turnkey GPS Distributorship Opportunity

TheGPS industryis a multi-billion dollar per year industry with a forecasted annual growth rate of over 20%. The GPS industry is unique in that it does not target one specific niche market. Instead, a number of potential markets exist where GPS technology is highly integral. Increasingly everyone realizes that GPS tracking is needed in their professional lives as well as their personal lives. Business owners that have company vehicles understand the importance of having GPS tracking. A recent study reports that retail theft cost over 120+ billion dollars to retailers globally. The EPA and DOT estimate that reducing speed by 10 MPH increases fuel efficiency by 20%. Adult care givers and assisted living facilities also understand the need and value of GPS tracking. The Alzheimer’s Association states that there are an estimated 5.2 million Americans living with the disease and one of the major challenges is that these loved ones will wander. The National Autism Association conducted an online survey that showed that 92% of children with autism are also prone to wandering. Parents of teenage drivers appreciate having GPS tracking for their loved ones. The Insurance Institute states that GPS tracking and visibility into live teen driving behavior could reduce fatalities by up to 90%.

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Why Birds Eye Global Tracking?Our company consists of teams of engineers who create cutting-edge technology based on market demand. We own the software and own the products. Many of our products are 12-18 months ahead of what is currently offered in the industry today. This gives our distributors a clear competitive advantage. Every year there is a roll-out of new products that continually increase the revenue for the company and its distributors. Birds Eye Global Tracking products and technology provide vital information to both individuals and businesses.

Who uses GPS tracking and why?

Personal use: Special needs personal tracking, including autistic children, Alzheimer patients and the elderly in general. Parents of teenage drivers can track the vehicle's location and receive speed alerts. Pet tracking is also gaining market share.

Commercial use: Vehicle tracking enhances fleet efficiency (contractors, limo companies, taxis, etc.) and provides insight into non-authorized vehicle use, reduced overtime costs and unnecessary travel time. This also entitles the fleet owner to discounts of up to 30% on insurance policies.

Asset tracking: Construction equipment, high value freight, jewelry, etc., can be protected and tracked and will also command insurance savings.

Law enforcement: National and international concerns for security and safety will contribute worldwide to the multi-billion dollar growth of the wireless tracking industry. Private investigators, police departments, parole officers and Homeland Security are all embracing GPS tracking.

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Why GPS?

What makes this an excellent business opportunity?

The GPS industry is virtually limitless with anunmatched growth potential. You will be entering a $10+ billion per year industry with a rapid growth rate reaching an estimated $30.45 billion by 2018 on fleet tracking alone. Working with products that continue to advance technologically ensures this industry will always be in high demand.

Consider the items below as some quick benefits to owning your own GPS

tracking distributorship:

  • Potential market is vast and diversified.Less than 10% of potential market is tapped to date.
  • Minimal overhead.No need for retail or office space, no inventory, no shipping, no invoicing required. We act as your back office/support staff.
  • Exceedingly strong residual income deposited into your account daily, 365 days per year.And because the technology does exactly what it’s supposed to, there is minimal attrition.
  • Need is great. More than ever before there is a need to monitor people, packages, pets, vehicles, assets, etc. In addition, businesses need to be as efficient and financially prudent as possible. Our devices/technology meet those needs perfectly. In a world of technology and an age of information, our technology is rated #1.
  • New technology and productsdeveloped every year, compounding revenue.
  • Birds Eye Global Tracking provides a proven turnkey business opportunity for asmooth and immediate flow of business and revenue.
  • Unparalleled customer service, marketing and technical support.
  • Only one distributoris placed in a substantial marketing area.
  • Not a hard sell.Our technology/products sell themselves.
  • Marketing assistance, if and when you’re ready to sell your business.
  • No franchise fees, royalties or percentages.


The turnkey distributorship includes:

Birds Eye Global
  • Full access to all proprietary software and FUTURE TECHNOLOGY.
  • Starter inventory of 100 GPS trackers
  • Unlimited use of the company’s server.
  • Help in development of individual customized website.
  • Attaché case holding a variety of devices and products for demonstrations purposes.
  • Exclusive marketing area.
  • Birds Eye Distributors are permitted to prospect and sell globally where there is no other Birds Eye distributor in place.
  • Assistance in becoming a state vendor.
  • Attache case holding a variety of devices and products for demonstrations.
  • Complete back office support for customer service, shipping, technical and marketing needs.
  • The establishment of affiliate businesses in your market.
  • Sales and marketing videos, as well as professionally produced TV commercials.
  • Corporate assistance in securing large corporate accounts.
  • Complete face-to-face training at corporate headquarters to include airfare, hotel and transportation. Future training of your marketing/sales reps at no cost.
  • Specific marketing and advertising strategies implemented to build your client base to include direct mail, email blasts, search engine optimization, press releases, telemarketing assistance.
  • Birds Eye will provide 750 sales prospects.
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Ideal candidate

The exciting thing about this opportunity is thatwe are experts and you will be too.We handle all the training, even after you leave our facility the training continues through webinars and live conference calls. Even if you want to talk one-on-one with us, you will have your very own consultant who will be there throughout your distributorship.

Veterans Offer

We offer a 100% discount on the initial license fee to qualified military veterans.

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