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BlueGrace Logistics


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About BlueGrace Logistics

BlueGrace Logistics is a progressive transportation management company focused on providing comprehensive logistics services to customers at a great price. Founded in 2003, the company has quickly grown from a small startup to a leader in the transportation industry. Focused on creating value for small and medium sized businesses without the ability or capital to develop proprietary shipping systems, BlueGrace Logistics enables companies to streamline and simplify their logistics needs into one resource. BlueGrace partners with 95% of asset based shipping companies to provide tailored solutions for customers, allowing customers the opportunity to define exactly what they need in logistics without having to manage and own their own fleets and warehouses.

Most BlueGrace customers are small and manufacturers, distributors, and retail stores that ship from one location to another and ship on a recurring basis, but do not require a whole truckload. With BlueGrace’s Less Than Truckload shipments, shipments from multiple companies can be combined in order to reduce costs for all customers and increase efficiency. BlueGrace works directly with shipping companies to coordinate this process so that customers can focus their efforts elsewhere. BlueGrace provides the right technology, buying power, experience, and negotiation skills to customers so that they can focus on what they do best.

Franchising Information

Franchisees can have either a national franchise or a territorial franchise. National franchises are designed for experienced companies that already have an extensive book of clients and want to become part of BlueGrace. Territorial franchises are locally based and are defined as being a geographic area with about 5,000 potential customers. Territorial franchises are best for someone who is not already a third party logistics coordinator, has some combination of experience in sales, management, and freight, and is looking to start a less expensive, localized franchise.

New BlueGrace franchisees attend two weeks of customized webinar training and one week of in person training. This training is designed to fit the needs and experience of the individual franchisee and set them up to be successful in a BlueGrace franchise.

BlueGrace Logistics provides a high level of training and support. Each support staff person at BlueGrace supports only 10-12 franchisees, giving franchisees the opportunity for close contact and support when needed. The majority of people who work for BlueGrace corporate have freight experience and all of them have sales experience, providing a great background to support franchisees.

Desired Qualities

The main characteristic needed to become a BlueGrace franchisee is an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to work hard, and the ability to manage their business as they see fit. BlueGrace does not require freight experience, but it is preferred. Blue Grace does desire that interested franchisees have some sales and management experience. Current BlueGrace franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds. BlueGrace Logistics desires franchisees that are committed to excellence, care about others, commit to outrageous goals, focus on simplicity, embrace chaos, perform with speed, agility, and precision, own their results with humility, and are committed to having fun and being happy.

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