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California International Chemical

California International Chemical Franchise

Almost always family operated, California International Chemical has developed a unique and uniform system for the chemical treatment of residential swimming pools. Using this system, people from all walks of life have proven that they can establish substantial businesses in a short period of time. Due to the dynamics of this "Water Treatment System," conventional pool service companies cannot compete with our low prices and high quality service.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
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Independence Can Be Yours

California International Chemical invites you to become a part of a great, successful licensee network. With over 40,000 residential swimming pools currently being serviced each week using CIC's treatment system, you'll have access to customer accounts in your own exclusive licensed territory from one of the world's largest pool service and system.

Many entrepreneurs have already had a lot of success with CIC's system. For example, if you were to service 300 pools a year with one truck, you will generate, after all expenses, at least $80,000 net profit. After five years, over 98% of licensees who have started CIC businesses remain in business and continue to grow. Initial investments range from $40,000 to $170,000, depending on the aim of your business goals. Most licensees start the business by operating the office out of their home, keeping the overhead low, and gradually expand their business. How big you want to grow your business is up to you. Do you want an easily manageable one truck operation, or an operation with a whole fleet of trucks with the additional business of equipment sales, repair and replacement. The choice is yours.

Dedicated to Licensee's and Customers

California International Chemical offers you the opportunity to start a low- cost, high ROI business with the assurance of being backed by a large network of successful licensees. By aligning yourself with CIC, you gain an edge over the competition from obtaining our reputation for quality service at low prices.

Backed by a Large Network

Tens of thousands of residential swimming pools are currently being serviced each week using CIC's treatment system, making CIC's system the world's largest. There are California International Chemical licensees located across the nation, including Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, and Texas. Licensees do not compete against each other, as each licensee is given his/her own exclusive territory for operation, and often licensees provide services for one another, such as providing others with a chemical filling station.


To keep a high standard of service, California International Chemical provides licensees with proper service training. We pay for five days of training and the cost for a hotel and tax for five nights at our training site. Training includes proper servicing and maintenance of pools and the handling of chemicals. The training you receive helps CIC maintain our compliance with industry regulation and approvals such as State of California Approval, EPA Registration, Department of Food and Agriculture, and DOT Approval.

Low Cost Chemical Supplies

California International Chemical is a chemical-only pool service. To keep costs low, while maintaining the most efficient business possible, we use 100% chlorine gas—the most efficient and cost effective form of chlorine. This chemical cannot be purchased over the counter, but we offer it to our licensees for a greatly reduced cost—as little as twenty cents per pound, as opposed to three dollars per pound for alternative chlorinated compounds.


Enjoy the freedom and economic benefits of working for yourself by becoming a California International Chemical licensee. With licensees located throughout the nation, you are assured and supported by a large network with a reputable name for providing low-cost, efficient pool chemical services.

You don't have to be an expert in the pool servicing industry, or an expert at running your own business to become a California International Chemical. We can provide you with:

  • Operational training
  • Marketing support
  • Business development coaching
  • Exclusive operational territory
  • Technical and administrative support
  • Low-cost chemicals

Initial investments range from $40,000 up to $170,000 depending on your business plans and the services needed from CIC. Many of our licensees began their licensee business out of their home office to reduce overhead, while they further expanded their business. Whether you decide to run a small, family-run business, or expand into a multi-truck, employee business is up to you. You are the boss.

Join our successful network of licensees. After a five year period, 98% of licensees who have started a CIC business remain in business and continue to grow. California International Chemical offers you the brand name, training, support network, and low-cost chemicals you need to run a successful business.

California International Chemical is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Texas. Interested parties should have at least $150,000 to invest.


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