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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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CareMinders Home Care

CareMinders Home Care Franchise

CareMinders® Home Care Franchise (in-home care services) is a unique and rewarding opportunity that allows you to take responsibility for your own financial future, and provides comfort to people in your own community.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$130,000 - $180,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Allow us to introduce you to CareMinders!

CareMinders Franchisees offer both Medical and Non-Medical home care: companionship, personal , skilled care and related home support services and assistance to all ages of handicapped, convalescing and dependent individuals in their own homes, and when permitted, in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted care facilities and other medical settings.

CareMinders® Home Care is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through delivering compassionate skilled and non-medical care to clients at home by trained and dedicated staff who continuously strive for excellence. We provide for the safety and security of clients, regardless of age, by offering personalized care and related home support services as well as harmonious companionship. We build relationships beginning with the very first encounter with a goal of providing the highest quality of care, second to none.

We offer a wide range of both long and short term assistance to our clients, regardless of age. You or your loved one may have a temporary or permanent disability or illness, or may just be in need of someone to assist with a variety of services.

CareMinders Home Care 1
  • Franchise Fee $39,000 Single Territory.
  • Total investment $75,500 to $123,900.
  • Significant discounts for multiple territories.
  • Now offering Regional Developer Territories

Why CareMinders® Home Care

CareMinders Home Care Franchisees are JCAHO accredietd.

  • No other franchise has this distinction
  • Gold Seal Accreditation indicates CMHC has adopted the highest standards from the toughest rules and regulations in the country for healthcare services
  • Allows complete healthcare reimbursement authorization for third party insurance carriers

Provides the highest revenue opportunities than any other franchise, which is spelled out in the CareMinders Home Care Overview.

Ageless - You will be able to provide your clients with both long & short term assistance REGARDLESS OF AGE or type of illness, injury or other needs.

What does the investment cover?

Designated Territory Location is critical and we will work with you to define a designated territory based in part on the demographics including age, number of households, income and other factors.

State Regulations - Navigating the state and local regulations and permitting requirements can be quite challenging and we will assist you in the critical phase of business development so you have the proper licenses needed.

Marketing Support We have the marketing pieces, programs and other tools you will use to create the marketplace recognition you will achieve and assist you in attracting new customers and increased revenues.

Training Having the tools and systems in place to build and manage your business is paramount and our five day training course is extremely thorough.

Operations Manual We provide you with a copy of the official CareMinders® Home Care operations manual is your blueprint to building and growing your Home Care franchise.

Management Software - We found the best home care software company in the U.S. to provide our franchisees with a complete business application for the daily management of their business.

Ongoing Assistance You will never be alone. Our team will provide continued training and support for all aspects of the business

Franchise Testimonials

"The main reason I chose CareMinders is the business model they have developed and the competitive advantages we have in the market. I wanted to have the option to do both non-medical and skilled nursing and not just one or the other. That way I can maximize the business in my market with a given population. It also allows me to diversify as needed as the national healthcare issue continues to evolve. The advantage of having RN supervision of all cases is a huge advantage. Being able to serve a majority of the continuum of care providing consistency and stability is a strong advantage as well, for both patients and families. Our employee screening process is probably the most extensive in the industry including all the usual things you would check in addition to others that most don't such as up front drug screening, national sanction search, terrorist watch list, etc. As you know, safety is a key issue for family to be confident in and the escalating abuse of seniors makes it even more important. Last but not least, I am most excited about the relationship CareMinders has with the Joint Commission. Having the Joint Commission seal of approval on our business is HUGE. CareMinders does have the best business model to ensure the future success of my business in my opinion." -John Zaworski, Franchise Owner - CareMinders® Home Care, Lansing, Michigan

"After months of looking at businesses, we decided on the home health care venture, and then we set guidelines for ourselves and the Franchisor we were looking for. We did not want a franchise that offers just one type of care; if there is a need we wanted to be able to offer that assistance. We needed a Franchisor who would supply the training and information needed to give those services. We looked for a Franchisor who has a solid business plan. We wanted a Franchisor whose business plan included working with the Franchisee to help their business grow. The Franchisor needed to have solid processes in place, software systems that helped those processes and people who are willing to train you in both their processes and software. CareMinders® Home Care is perfect for us, they had what we were looking for, and they are still continuing to help!" - Danny A. Troutt, Franchise Owner - CareMinders® Home Care, Sun City, Arizona



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