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By providing businesses with technologically savvy software and hardware, CheckCare has been developing secure, easy to use software and devices to make digital check processing safe, allowing many businesses to reach customers that might be deterred by the lack of check processing.

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CheckCare is a private company categorized under franchising and is currently used by over 60,000 businesses.

CheckCare Franchise Opportunities - History

CheckCare is a network of franchised and corporate offices using up-to-date check processing services. Founded in 1982, in Kentucky, CheckCare offers its customers with check recovery, check verification and check guarantee services, making it easy for businesses to accept checks as form of payment from customers. CheckCare began selling franchises sin 1984 and today service over 60,000 retail locations with over 42 franchisees.

CheckCare Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Checkcare Franchise Income

CheckCare has an initial franchise fee ranging from $12,500 to $45,000, with a total franchise investment ranging from$110,00 to $169,000 with a royalty fee of 5% and an advertising fee of 0.5%. Currently there is no information on the average CheckCare franchise income.

Checkcare Business Opportunities: Other Information

No other information is currently available about CheckCare.

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