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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company has been making delicious hand made chocolates since 1981. They've created a retail chocolate store concept with small candy kitchens in the back. This gives customers the pleasure of looking through the windows of the retail store to see the chocolates being made right in front of their eyes. Their goal is to franchise all across the country so everyone has the opportunity to have a box of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company chocolates.

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Sell Chocolates in your very own upscale retail chocolate shop.
Our retail shops are designed to represent 'old fashioned' chocolate shops where patrons can pick out their favorite chocolates in a 24 foot long old fashioned candy case. Retail stores have boxed chocolate displays, truffle displays, signature chocolates displays, chocolate molded novelties, seasonal chocolates and windows to the candy kitchen where fresh chocolates are made while customers are shopping.

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