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College Pro Painters is one of the largest painting companies focused on employing college students

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Known for its devotion both to helping college students better afford higher education and its customers, College Pro Painters is the top college painting company in the country. Since launching, it helped college students earn money working full time in the summer and part time during the school year. Many of its former employees later became franchise owners in the company and now run businesses of their own. In addition to its painting services, the company merged with a spinoff from the parent company and now offers window cleaning services.

More than 20,000 people apply for jobs with College Pro Painters every year, and the company hires less than 1,000 of those workers. Entrepreneurs running their own franchises look for workers who will remain committed to the job and provide customers with the highest level of support. Since opening in the 1970s with one office, College Pro Painters has added thousands of franchises both in the United States and in Canada. Those who work as painters for the company receive support and help later on when they decide to operate their own franchises. Currently, there are now opportunities for franchise owners in nearly seven states and in a handful of Canadian provinces.

Greg Clark was a college student interested in making extra money when he started College Pro Painters in 1971. After learning that students in his classes needed money to pay for their expenses, he began hiring them to help him. In 1988, Clark expanded into window cleaning and opened a spinoff company to focus on this specific area. The two companies merged again in 2010 to create one larger company that could handle both painting and window cleaning. Since its founding, the company has donated nearly $1 million to needy and worthwhile organizations and charities across the country, many of which help students at different educational levels.

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