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Computer Medics of America, Inc. is a team of self-employed Computer Technicians spread throughout North America bringing the finest Mobile PC Repair Service to the homes and businesses of their local communities. Their franchises repair PC's, Laptops, Networks and everything in between. The company believes that the best Customer Service comes from a person who owns their own business because they can build a trusting long term relationship with each and every one of their customers.

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Tired of working for someone else? Had enough of corporate politics?

Computer Medics has a proven business model that will get you started in the world of self-employment. We provide you with the training, support and tools needed to make your business a success.

Unlike our competitors you are not buying a job, a Computer Medics Franchise is a real business. Computer Medics does not charge any Royalty Fees or force you to purchase parts from us.

Success doesn't just happen. Success is made. We make it.

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