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About DVDNow Rental Kiosks

Video rental stores are becoming passé, with DVD rental terminals becoming the new way that people borrow movies. DVDNow Rental Kiosks is the biggest network of independently owned film kiosks. Owners place their rental kiosks in prime locations, preferably with a lot of foot traffic, and allow customers to buy and return DVDs at their convenience – all without any human interaction - and generally at lower prices than competitors offer rentals for.

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With more than 30% of all movies rented from DVD kiosks, and movie-watchers turning increasingly to renting films rather than buying them during the economic recession, the time to get into the business is now. DVDNow has a weekly web seminar that leads potential franchisees through the process of franchising for the company, as well as answers any questions. DVDNow Rental Kiosks promises a business with a low startup and quick setup.

DVDNow Rental Kiosks Franchise Opportunities - History

Beginning in 2006, DVDNow Rental Kiosks has assisted over 1,000 franchisees to run their own DVD rental business with assistance from a trusted, successful company.

DVDNow Rental Kiosks Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / DVDNow Rental Kiosks Franchise Income

In general, the startup costs for DVDNow Rental Kiosks range from as low as $22,995 to as high as $199,995. Many of the costs, as well as the income, will differ depending on the owner. Owners determine their own DVD selection as well as the prices that these items are rented for, both of which will have a significant effect on how much the franchisee spends and profits.

DVDNow Rental Kiosks Business Opportunities: Other Information

DVDNow Rental Kiosks’s machines’ technology permits owners to sell not just typical DVDs, but also Blu-ray and video games, too. Moreover, the owner can set different prices for these items than the DVD selections. Owners are also able to differentiate the pricing for weekend rentals and new releases.
DVDNow Rental Kiosks participates in VetFran, a program that helps veterans to start their own franchise.

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