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Franchise Marketing Systems

Franchise Marketing Systems Franchise

Founded by Chris Conner and a team of franchise consultants, Franchise Marketing Systems has created and mastered a program for franchise development to successfully franchise a business.

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Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS)

A Strategic Partner in Franchising

Franchise Marketing Systems was developed in 2009 by Chris Conner as a viable option for brands to franchise a business effectively. The firm was founded by a group of franchise consultants with experience in a variety of fields within franchising. Mr. Conner’s vision for Franchise Marketing Systems was to create a dynamic and performance based franchise development system which combined the core components of franchise development and setting up the systems needed to franchise a business, along with the marketing, management and execution needed to successfully franchise a business. Today, Mr. Conner has helped take the firm to over 25 franchise consultants across the United States and Canada with the ability to execute franchise development programs globally.

Performance Based Franchise Development

Growing a business through franchising is not a transactional model, it is a long-term, relationship based expansion vehicle. Franchise Marketing Systems works with clients to provide full service franchise management and marketing guidance to business owners who are either entering franchising for the first time or would like support in growing a current franchise model further. Franchise Marketing Systems makes franchising a business less risky and costly and offers a longer term cooperative relationship where all parties are working towards the same end-goal: Effective Scaled Growth.

Starting a New Franchise

Franchise Marketing Systems works with clients to develop the following aspects of a franchise program:

  • Franchise Business Planning: Develop the business and strategic plans needed to identify franchise fees, royalties and overall fee structure along with territory size, support models and training structure.
  • Franchise Market Research: Review, research and understand the franchise industry competitors in order to position the brand and compete effectively against other franchise systems.
  • Franchise Legal Work: Work with third party franchise law firms to develop the FDD, Franchise Agreement, handle State Registrations.
  • Franchise Operations Development: Create, develop and write franchise operations manuals and training programs.
  • Franchise Marketing Development: Design, build and create franchise videos, brochures, websites and franchise presentations.

Franchise Recruitment and Marketing

Franchise Marketing Systems works with third party franchise brokers to staff client’s franchise sales and franchise marketing teams. Particularly for new franchisors, the goal is to position the brand as a large, established system that offers value, resources and infrastructure. Selling the first 5-10 franchises many time is the most difficult obstacle to growth for a young brand, having the right tools, leadership and systems in place is critical to accomplish this first step in franchising and achieve critical mass.

Franchise Execution and Coaching

Franchise Marketing Systems will help structure and model your organization appropriately for replication into new markets and in order to build a franchise or license model that is attractive to potential buyers and investors. The Basic concept is to have a business that shows the potential for growth and opportunity to the buyer, but also the necessity of having the franchisor’s support and coaching along the way.

Franchise Support and Management

Franchise Marketing Systems works with clients to manage the growth, responsibilities and critical components involved in overseeing a growing system. As in any business, there are key performance indicators which must be achieved in order to maximize results not only for the franchisor, but also for the franchisee. Franchise Marketing Systems team of consultants works with clients to provide franchise training, franchise support, franchise guidance and franchise oversight.  



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