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Gumball Gourmet


Gumball Gourmet is a chewing gum business that takes gumballs from a novelty item for children to a full-fledged candy and gift product of superior quality. Though most gumballs on the market differ in color rather than actual flavor, Gumball Gourmet puts flavor first. Amongst its 50 amazing flavors are unique tastes like margarita, apple pie, caramel, pistachio, cantaloupe, vanilla, and butter pecan. Customers are delighted at the prospect of trying flavors they have never had in gumball form previously. Gumball Gourmet does not adhere to the traditional style of dispensing gumballs through small machines. Instead, Gumball Gourmet has stores strategically placed in high traffic areas (like airports and malls), as well as “centers” which can fit in smaller locations like theaters, grocery stores and office break rooms.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$24,600 - $462,100
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Although absentee ownership is permitted, all of the franchisees own and operate their own businesses. In fact, three out of four franchisees own more than one Gumball Gourmet location.

Gumball Gourmet Franchise Opportunities - History

Gumball Gourmet was founded in 2001, with franchising beginning immediately. Currently, there are nearly 250 Gumball Gourmet franchises in existence.

Gumball Gourmet Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Gumball Gourmet

Franchise Income

Gumball Gourmet has a franchise fee of $17,200 for a five year agreement, although the total initial investment tends can cost anywhere from $24,600 to $462,100. An ongoing royalty fee of $100 per month must also be paid to Gumball Gourmet. Help with financing is unavailable at this time.

Gumball Gourmet Business Opportunities: Other Information

Gumball Gourmet provides training to its franchisees at its headquarters and offers ongoing support in the form of newsletters, meetings, and a phone helpline. Typically, Gumball Gourmet’s success depends on the franchisee’s creativity in marketing the product. By highlighting the unusual flavors and uniqueness of the product, owners can entice customers to purchase the products. Furthermore, fancy kiosks with giant containers full of gumballs make the products seem even more appealing and special to passersby.

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