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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!

Happy Tax Service


Happy Tax is a low cost, high value national income tax preparation franchise for independent people starting out in business. Unlike the others out there, there is truly no need to have tax experience as Happy Tax has a back office staffed with CPA's.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$23,400 - $31,500
Franchise fee
10.0% - 20.0%
Units in operation


Happy Tax Service

You don’t have to quit your day job. But you might want to **-- once

you see how much fun it is at Happy Tax!**

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One very happy customer at a time, we’re revolutionizing the way taxes are filed by utilizing cutting-edge technology and elevating the tax filing experience by providing exceptional customer service.

As a franchise owner, you have the freedom to choose how you’d like to connect with your clients, including house visits, office drop-ins, video calls, or meetings at your favorite coffee shop. You’ll have the pleasure of providing exceptional, concierge-quality service, providing convenience for the client and boosting your reputation.

Our CPAs are readily accessible and will gladly provide answers to challenging tax questions. Put simply, we wanted to make the process of filing taxes a simpler, happier one for everyone involved.



People deserve a better tax filing experience

Your average CPA doesn’t make house calls. Private CPAs can cost an arm and a leg. Big box tax preparation chains often provide service that borders on impersonal.

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At Happy Tax, we’re BIG on providing stellar customer service. But what really sets us apart is our FREE audit assistance. Each Happy Tax Franchisee will have access to our licensed CPAs who dig deep to find savings and ensure that each customer receives every last cent available. And if the customer gets audited for any reason, every tax filing you help to prepare comes with our full audit department assistance. For FREE.

In contrast, most tax preparers who offer audit assistance might have only one person who can assist with an audit. They’ll also charge a pretty penny for that “luxury.”

As a Happy Tax franchisee, you’re not only providing a superior tax filing experience, you’re providing a better quality of service and peace of mind. Your service sells itself!



**You don’t need to know a thing about filing taxes.


Isn’t it time you tried something different? Something to build toward your future, instead of making someone else filthy rich while you exchange your blood, sweat and tears for pennies? Happy Tax is a simple and affordable way to get you started on that path!



Who is a good fit to be a franchisee?

Don't make enough money? Want part-time income that's easier than you think?

You don't have to quit your job to earn extra money. Being a Happy Tax franchisee, you won't have to do the tax returns yourself, which gives you more time to enjoy your life without working yourself to the bone.

Want to make a career change but can't do so until you have something else lined up?

If your go al is to become a full-time entrepreneur, becoming a Happy Tax franchisee will give you the ability to ramp up your business to a level where you can comfortably quit your old job. You'll be able to focus on doing what you enjoy instead of doing what you have to do. Plus, the tax business is seasonal so you'll have plenty of time for your family, friends, favorite activities and important endeavors.

Want to run your own business, but don't want to jump into anything to quickly?

Happy Tax is the perfect way to start your own business. Many of the typical business risks are diminished because you don’t need any inventory, don't need to sign costly leases, and won’t need to recruit, hire or train costly staff at the very beginning.

Interested in taxes or financial services? In love with numbers?

So are we! It could be a perfect fit. We'll give you the tools and knowledge to learn the industry and help you to become a successful financial industry entrepreneur.

Are you all about helping people?

Happy Tax franchisees help people by making sure their taxes are prepared accurately. That’s easy to do because all of our tax returns are expertly prepared by our Happy CPAs. You will be the one interacting with the customers, guiding them through the process, and ensuring a positive experience. Your strong people skills combined with our Happy CPAs tax code knowledge and math skills are what make all the difference for our customers.

Common Questions and Answers

Q. Is financing availble on your franchise fee?

A. Yes, we offer in house financing as well as assistance with our vendors who can provide direct financing to you as well. You can also use your 401k to invest.

Q. Are there any renewal fees?

A. No, we do not charge any renewal fees

Q. How long is the franchise agreement

A. Our franchise agreements are 3 years for franchisees without storefront locations and 5 years for franchisees with storefront locations.

Q. What do i get with my franchise fee?

A. You get access to use our trademarks, the ability to utilize our patent-pending process and technology, industry-leading training provided on our robust intranet, cutting-edge marketing as well as support and coaching from our executive team. You also get peace of mind knowing that your clients’ tax returns are prepared by an expert CPA, and become part of a community knowing of passionate, customer-driven franchisees across the country.

Q. Why should a franchisee sign up with you instead of going out on their own?

A. To put it simply, above all else, when you become a Happy Tax Franchisee, you get amazing support. You’ll tap into our brand, our experience, our marketing tools, our audit team, our knowledgeable CPAs, and our innovative technology. All of this gives you the peace of mind knowing that your clients are well taken care of by licensed professionals.

You’ll also get to focus your time and talents on acquiring customers. Our franchisees do NOT prepare the returns, and yet they are the primary beneficiaries of the business. This isn’t employee work to make someone else rich. This is YOUR business where you pocket the lion’s share of the profit. By taking the tax preparation portion off your plate, we help you keep your eye on the ball and allow you to concentrate on growing your business.

Q. How much can I make as a franchisee?

A.As a franchisor, the FTC and state law regulates when and where we can make financial performance representations. One way to think about this question is to estimate how many clients and returns you feel you can handle using our brand and resources. You can earn between $140 and $350 for each tax return completed based on our standard pricing.

Q. How do I find clients?

A. We'll teach you. Once you're a franchisee, you'll take our training online and learn our marketing techniques. Word of mouth, social media, email marketing, referrals, and networking events are just some of the many ways to build your customer base. Don’t worry – we’ll show you how.

Q. How are my clients tax questions handled?

A. When any of your tax clients have a question, they can video chat, email or call one of our CPAs or internal client concierges. Although your tax knowledge will grow organically, you won’t need to know the ins and outs of the tax code. Our team of experts is here to support you.

Area Represenative Program Details

Liquid Capital required $25,000

Net Worth required ­$50,000

Royalty Shares in 50% of our franchise fees and 50% of our royalties

Investment range $59,700-$275,400

Franchise Fee ­$50,000 - $250,000 (priced based on population at .25 per person in their specific area)

Number of units/franchisees* ­5



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