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The Hoodz service franchise offers complete cleaning of kitchen exhaust equipment. The market for this service is quite large because it expands to cover two different areas. Both institutional and commercial customers have a need for this specialized service in order to keep their grills, ranges, and cook top stoves in proper working order. General cleaning service customers are also ideal candidates because this specialized feature is a reasonable extension to their existing service requests. Regular visits and inspections can also uncover potential problems that can be proactively addressed.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$81,000 - $170,105
Franchise fee
Units in operation


One reason Hoodz is such a successful franchise is the unique ability to specialize in a specific industry but also be flexible enough to expand into new territories. Other than kitchen exhaust cleaning, Hoodz service options include everything from concrete cleaning to exhaust fan hinge installation. Fast food restaurants and fine dining establishments both have similar needs to maintain their facilities. Grease traps and exhaust systems appear in both kitchens and must be maintained in much the same way. The ability to fill various service needs for the restaurant industry, as well as other institutional settings, allows Hoodz to be a full service provider in the market place.

History of Hoodz Cleaning Franchise

A relatively new player in the industry, Hoodz was founded in 2009 by John Rotche. Utilizing successful methods from the sister company, Ductz, the Hoodz franchise quickly became a popular option for entrepreneurs. Other than having an automatic majority of the market share when it filled an untapped niche, Hoodz also brought experience and knowledge into the franchise opportunity. Their parent company, Belfor USA, can adequately evaluate, monitor, and support all subsidiary franchises to ensure quality service. In addition, the company is able to assist with staffing and training needs for new locations.

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