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Junk King received a rating as one of the top junk hauling companies in the country just three years after opening its first office

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Junk King received a rating as one of the top junk hauling companies in the country just three years after opening its first office. Walking into your garage and finding that you have absolutely no free space for anything else is a disheartening moment, but junk removal companies can help you take back your space. Junk King specializes in a variety of different removal options. Franchises can help clean out properties after tenants leave or a bank forecloses on a home, remove debris leftover after a storm passes through town and with various other removal needs.

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Junk King 1Junk King is the fastest growing junk removal service in North America. The company's growth is due to its commitment to recycling and amazing customer service. Unlike other companies that throw away most of what it collects, Junk King recycles around 60 percent of everything it collects. Metal, plastic and other materials get a second chance at life when removed by the company. The company also uses larger trucks that let workers collect more junk with each trip and take away more stuff, which helps cut down on the prices that customers pay. Each Junk King location serves a large space surrounding the office. This lets each territory make the most of customers in the surrounding area.

History of the Junk King FranchiseJunk King 2

Brian Reardon and Michael Andreacchi were two friends who decided to open a junk removal business in 2010. Just two years after opening, Junk King received the distinction of being one of the top customer service businesses in the entire country, and one year later, it received an award as one of the top junk removal companies. Despite offering franchise opportunities, the two founders still believe in diversifying and increasing sales through the addition of new services. Those services now include contracts with the government, working with business owners and recycling products and materials. Those changes helped Junk King expand and add hundreds of new franchises.

Junk King Guarantee

Junk King 3Junk King will refund 100% of the franchise fee on a first territory, and allow franchisees to return their franchise if they do not achieve a minimum revenue of $125,000 in the first year. Junk King provides extensive support including coaching, customer care, and marketing/PR help.

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