Keller Williams Realty Franchise

Keller Williams is a residential real estate franchise in the US, famous for its agent-friendly business concept

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About Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams may not be the largest residential real estate franchise in the US, but its agent-friendly business concept made its mark on the industry. Each Keller Williams franchise is agent-owned and operated, commissions are split at least 70/30, and the company rewards agents through profit sharing. Its Keller Williams University also offers online learning resources to keep agents ahead of the curve. Keller Williams has about 80,000 agents working from about 650 locations in the US (13 of those locations are in Canada). The company was founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams. (Keller remains chairman.) It began franchising in 1991 and opened its first Canadian office in 1998.

Full Franchise Information

As two young real estate agents working for what was then the largest real estate company in Austin, Texas, Gary Keller and Joe Williams believed that a company should work for its employees rather than the other way around. So the two men joined forces to found Keller Williams Realty in 1983. Four years later the partners began franchising. With offices throughout the country, Keller Williams encourages agents to recruit others into the company through profit-sharing.

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