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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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LashBar Franchise

Experience the lash revolution with LashBar, the premier franchise opportunity that's sweeping the nation! Join our family of passionate beauty entrepreneurs and unlock the limitless potential of the booming lash industry. With our proven business model, comprehensive training programs, and exclusive access to top-quality products, you'll be on the fast track to success. Imagine owning your very own upscale lash studio, where you can empower clients to enhance their natural beauty while enjoying a rewarding and profitable business. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to be part of the lash phenomenon – apply for a LashBar franchise today and transform your dreams into a glamorous reality!

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$159,200 - $248,900
Franchise fee
Units in operation


LashBar Franchise History

The LashBar franchise has a rich history that dates back to the early 2000s. It all began when Sarah Johnson, a talented esthetician, noticed the growing demand for eyelash extensions among her clientele. Recognizing an opportunity, she decided to open the first LashBar salon in a small town in California.

Word quickly spread about the exceptional quality and personalized service offered at LashBar. Sarah's dedication to training her staff in the latest techniques and using only top-notch products set the franchise apart from its competitors. As a result, LashBar gained a loyal following and began expanding across the state.

By the mid-2010s, LashBar had become a recognized name in the beauty industry. The franchise started attracting investors who saw the potential for nationwide success. With their support, LashBar embarked on an ambitious growth strategy, opening new salons in major cities across the United States.

Today, LashBar stands as a leading provider of eyelash extensions, with a network of salons spanning the country. Despite its rapid expansion, the franchise has managed to maintain its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each LashBar location offers a range of services, from classic to volume lashes, ensuring that clients receive the personalized attention they deserve. As the beauty industry continues to evolve, LashBar remains dedicated to staying at the forefront, consistently delivering stunning results that enhance the natural beauty of its clients.

LashBar Franchise Business Opportunity

Welcome to the glamorous world of LashBar, where dreams flutter to life and fabulous lashes take center stage! Calling all trendsetters, beauty enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs with a passion for unleashing the power of confidence. Are you ready to embark on a lash-tastic journey with our extraordinary franchise opportunity? Picture yourself at the forefront of an industry that celebrates individuality, empowers self-expression, and creates stunning transformations. With LashBar, you'll step into a realm of limitless possibilities, where every blink becomes a statement and every lash becomes a work of art. Join us in spreading the fluttery magic across the globe, one lash extension at a time. It's time to let your entrepreneurial spirit soar as we shape the future of beauty together. Dare to dream, dare to dazzle—welcome to the enchanting universe of LashBar!


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