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Liberty Tax Service is a low-investment tax franchise opportunity, specializing in tax return preparation for individuals and small businesses.

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About Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service is a low-investment tax franchise opportunity, specializing in tax return preparation for individuals and small businesses. With more than 4,300 offices operating in the United States and Canada, Liberty Tax Service is one of the fastest growing tax preparation companies in history. CEO and Founder John T. Hewitt is an icon in the tax industry, nationally recognized as an entrepreneurial visionary with a blueprint for success. As a veteran of more than 45 tax seasons, Hewitt is the most experienced CEO in the business and the founder of two of the top three tax franchises.

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Professional tax preparation is here to stay. Over 50% of US taxpayers use a professional tax preparer which presents a reliable franchise opportunity with access to a massive, and immediate, customer base.* With expected industry growth due to changes in health care and immigration laws, now is the perfect time to invest in a Liberty Tax franchise opportunity.

  • Reliable Industry and Customer Base

  • No Tax Experience Necessary

  • World-Class Franchise Support & Marketing

*Internal Revenue Service, 2016 and Prior Year Filing Season Statistics:

Our Proven Track Record

We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the tax industry. We are setting records and blazing new trails with innovative marketing strategies and first-class customer service. Our success has been recognized globally and the industry experts are taking notice. Join us and become a part of one of the top franchise opportunities in the world!

Image titleWhat Makes A Liberty Tax Franchise Different?

Let us count the ways...

#1. We are led by the grandfather of the tax industry, John Hewitt.

WIth 45 years experience in the tax preparation business, he has founded two of the three largest tax preparation corporations. He has led Liberty to open over 4,400 offices - more than threee times faster than any tax company. Who better to partner with in business than the leader of the industry

#2. We make taxes fun.

Our culture, our cutomer experience, even our mission statement is about having fun. We understand not everyone loves taxes (like we do) but it doesn't mean they can't have some fun when filing. When you drive by a Liberty Tax office, you see our Lady Liverty wavers smiling and dancing, relaying our mission - to make taxes fun - for everyone.

#3. Commitment to Our Success.

"To have as many franchisees as John [Hewitt] has and as many offices open, he is extremely responsive. He calle dme back in 15 minutes after I called him at 5 a.m. I doubt a lot of CEOs of major corporations would respond that quickly." Tiffant Dodson, NC franchisee. Constant communication is a theme at Liverty Tax. Liberty Tax does not succeed unless our franchisees do

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