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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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Lodie's Shaved Ice Shack

Lodie's Shaved Ice Shack Franchise

With over 60 flavors of shaved ice, toppings, and ice cream, Lodie's Shaved Ice has quickly became the popular summer hang out. Fans are amazed by the variety of flavors, possible combinations, creative names, and presentation.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$52,700 - $58,350
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Why franchise with Lodie's?

Why should I invest in a Lodie’s Shaved Ice Franchise?

Lodie's Shaved Ice Shack 3

Small Investment -Less than half the price of other Shaved Ice Franchises.

Fast Returns -Expect your Return-On-Investment (ROI) to be only 2-4 years.

Low Fixed Royalty -At only $499/month you won't have to worry about percentages. Make as much money as you like.

Low Cost of Goods -At 6-8% your COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold) is well below the industry average.

Flexibility -Real estate is easy. If you pick a location that turns bad, pick up and move with ease.

The Lodie's Advantage

Mobility with Stability

Other shaved ice businesses require you to drive a truck everyday. Imagine waking up every morning and never knowing where you will work that day and every night returning home only to continue working to prep everything for the next day. With Lodie’s we have taken the low overhead associated with being mobile and created a system that allows you to serve return customers in the same place everyday. There is no guesswork involved. You know your customers and they always know where to find you.

With Lodie’s you are not limited to 10 flavors. You will always stock over 60 flavors with endless combinations as well as toppings and ice cream to make everybody’s preference possible. Our menu includes both traditional shaved ice flavors as well as a healthy choices menu. Between our Lodie’s original, cream, sugar-free, all natural, and protein flavors everyone is sure to find something they love.Flavor Variety

Strategic Phased Growth

Our model is designed to grow your business in phases. When you do decide to have a mobile cart to supplement your business life is made easy for you. Your main location serves as a hub where your fans can contact and book you for their events. Then the new fans you create at events can be referred to your main location where they can find you everyday.


Lodie's Shaved Ice Shack 4

Stationary Trailer -Phase 1


  • Home base
  • Creates return customer
  • Self contained
  • Full flavor selection


  • Promote mobile unit
  • Open rain or shine
  • Dining Tables

You open your Lodie’s. This model is a food trailer that is design to be stationary for the duration of the shaved ice season. Shaved Ice success is built on return traffic. Some customers will literally come everyday during the summer. The unit is fully functional and self-contained. There is no pulling around this trailer everyday. This unit serves as your home base where customers will always know where to find you. Customers love that there is no chasing around the food truck never knowing where to find their shaved ice each day.

As a result of the stationary model Lodie’s can offer between 60-80 different flavors at this location while a food truck is limited to 8-10. These include the extra tasty cream based and sugar free flavors. While food trucks may break down Lodie’s is always open rain or shine with no worries of engine trouble or gas fumes. The added bonus of having a phase one stationary model is the fueled growth it contributes to phase two.

Lodie's Shaved Ice Shack 1

Travel Trailer & Cart -Phase 2


  • Find new customers
  • Advertise your product
  • Quick Sales


  • Scout new markets
  • Year-Round Potential
  • Promote Event Capability

In phase two you get to go out on the road. Because Lodie’s runs from a food trailer customers are always asking if you can come to events. Now you can say yes. After you have established your primary location you can begin to do events both indoors and out with a Lodie’s travel trailer and cart. Events will book up quick and you may have one almost everyday of the summer. Soon the people who meet you at events are pointed back to your primary location to become repeat customers, and your repeat customers are excited that they can book you for an event.


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