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Logocrete Systems

Logocrete Systems Franchise

Over the last few decades, the presence of corporate logos has gained great importance. In many cases, the corporate logos of organizations are as important and represent the company as much, if not more than, the products or services they are providing. Look around and you will see just how important logos are in today\'s society. Everything from signs that you see on every building you drive by, to the hats and shirts that we wear every day that support an image that we look to portray both personally and professionally. Logocrete understand the need for functionality and visual appeal. The end result offers permanent and unique advertising presence. It also enhances the visibility and profile of a corporate image, clear and durable warning or notice symbols and signs, and a beautiful decorative touch to any home.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$65,500 - $119,990
Franchise fee
Units in operation


Logocrete offers a patented method for installing three dimensional corporate logos (into existing concrete) using patented equipment. Applications of the logos are almost unlimited. The logo application is fast and easy and is provided at a reasonable cost to the customer. Logocrete is privately owned and is currently looking to expand across the United States.

Logocrete Franchise Opportunities - History

For over two decades Stampcrete International, Ltd. has been manufacturing concrete imprinting tools and materials for the decorative concrete industry. Stampcrete currently has a national network of distributors and a customer database all over the globe. Decorative concrete is considered one of the fastest growing sectors of the construction industry today. As demand for logos increased, the founders of Stampcrete International recognized the huge potential market for a cost effective logo placement. The principles were determined to find a faster and more economical application process. The result of this determination was Logocrete Systems. Founded in 2002, Logocrete is an innovative business that began looking for franchise partners in 2006 and is growing rapidly, thanks to no real competition.

Logocrete Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Logocrete Franchise Income

The total franchise fee to open a Logocrete location is $29,990 and the total initial investment ranges from $65,500 to $119,990. Logocrete has an ongoing royalty fee of 3% and provides a 5 year renewable franchise agreement. There is currently no estimated annual revenue for any Logocrete location at this time.

Logocrete Business Opportunities: Other Information

Logocrete has recently obtained a license with some professional sports teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHLm and NASCAR, as well as licensing with NCAA collegiate.

Logocrete has also began development with major retailers such as Home Depot, WalMart, Target, and Lowe's a kiosk system, making it easy for both consumers and franchise partners to do business.


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