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Our goal at Mina Mar Group is to help our clients' businesses minimize their cost of capital through access to financing and by helping them attain a market valuation that coincides with the performance of their companies.

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As a Mina Mar franchisee, you'll assist clients in minimizing their cost of capital by helping them to access financing and attain a market valuation that coincides with the performance of their company. Join our franchisee team today and help promising companies realize their vision!

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A Unique Business Opportunity

Every 3rd person in the World is dreaming of becoming self-employed. There are many opportunities offered to achieve self-employment, but none with a concept that is the same, or similar, to the one we offer.

Become a PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS CONSULTANT in M&A, Financing, Investor Awareness, Investor Relations, and consulting companies to go public in your territory or multiple territories, depending on how many territories you wish to own.

As our franchisee we will teach you:

  • Performing Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Strategic Business Consulting

  • Investor Relations/Investor Awareness

  • Consulting companies to go public or raising of funds…. and lot more in a full week training, plus daily and weekly ongoing training and support.

You don’t need to be a pro in financing nor consulting. If you have a background or experience in real estate or the insurance industry (or similar), worked as a bookkeeper, or have worked in sales in any large corporation you are well on your way to achieving your goals. Our experts with more than a decade of experience will gladly pass their knowledge to you.

About Mina Mar Group

Mina Mar Group is a company with great brand identity in the small cap and micro-cap industry space. We have over 10 years of successful business behind us. We were pioneers in the micro-cap investor relations (IR) and now we are doing it again being the first firm to lead the pack with our business consultant program. In summary, as a business consultant you will be able to consult small companies to access capital markets. We are the leaders in our industry. We specialize or focus on small cap, both reporting and non-reporting companies, meaning companies that have audited and non-audited financial statements!

We are Business Aggregators, Incubators, Strategic Advisors, Business Marketing Consultants, Strategic Consultants, and provide Mergers and Acquisitions assistance as well as Corporate Finance. When you become our franchisee you tap into our network of suppliers and service providers!

We came across the idea of offering our business model as a business franchise opportunity because we think outside the box!

We know that the pie (market) is big enough for all of us and this is a business you can truly be proud of!!

Freedom and Flexibility

The business can be operated as a small home based business operation with nothing more than a telephone, and a laptop. Add some business cards and ready-made brochures which is all included in your “startup kit “and you are ready to go!! You are ready to go and earn commission and to offer consulting services!!

We offer our knowledge, network of associates, and a ONE WEEK TRAINING OF SUCCESS WITH ONGOING SUPPORT AS YOU BUILD YOUR CLIENT LIST. Mina Mar will also hold your hand until you are comfortable enough to handle your own deals. We also offer ongoing deal support.

Mina Mar Group Services:

  • Capital Advisory

  • Mergers

  • Strategic Communications

  • Investor Roadshows & Investor Outreach

  • Financial Media

  • Strategic Advisory/Business Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing-Communications

  • Government & Business Networking

  • Roll-ups and Acquisitions

  • IPO Services

  • Taking Companies Public

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for franchise owners that have an outgoing personality, have sales experience, marketing ability, and/or the ability to manage someone that is results and goal oriented: a franchise owner that has motivation, or is self-motivated to sell! You must have a $30k liquid capital, and be ready to either make a full-time commitment or add this to an existing business. No experience is necessary in the Business Consulting of Mina Mar products as we will teach you how to run this business.

A good franchisee should not only be able lead their team to meet goals and objectives, but they should be good listeners with the ability to creatively and proactively match customers' needs with available products. As a franchisee you will have the option of focusing on one of our products or all of our products at no extra cost! Our goal is to ensure that our franchisees will be successful!

Are you willing to be part of an executive team and system of success?

Are you focused, passionate, and business driven?

Do you enjoy working with others?

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Request additional information by completing the lead form here on this page, and a Mina Mar Agent will be in touch with you right away. Make your decision now.

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