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MosquitoNix offers pest control solutions such as its mosquito and insect misting systems that automatically distribute a fine mist of natural insecticide around the perimeter of a home or yard. The company also offers PestFix, an annual pest management program for residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. MosquitoNix technicians service properties on a regular schedule throughout the year, applying proactive pest control techniques. All of the work is done by licensed and certified professionals and is guaranteed. MosquitoNix offers franchisees single and multiple territory agreements, training, and onsite assistance.

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Mosquitoes are a problem for everyone . The application of outdoor insect misting systems has been used in agricultural environments such as post harvest vegetable processing facilities and dairy manufacturing facilities for more than 25 years throughout the United States. The mosquito problem is no longer simply a nuisance. It is a genuine health risk. Within the next five years one person in six will be infected with an insect borne disease. Reported cases of West Nile Virus are growing exponentially every year in areas of the country not generally associated with mosquitoes.


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