Mr. Payroll Franchise

Facts & Figures
About Mr. Payroll

Mr. Payroll is one of the most recognized names in the check-cashing industry, they offer practical and convenient products and services for their customers, they?ve got an established, outstanding reputation for quality of service, and they?re an affiliate of Cash America International, Inc., a billion dollar company traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CSH). But most of all, they provide the tools, the guidance and innovative solutions that allow their franchise owners to build--and run--successful businesses.

Full Franchise Information

When examining any franchise investment, it is important to gather the facts, analyze the risks and make an informed decision. The following facts will provide basic information on the growing demand for non-bank check cashing, the Mr. Payroll system and our strategy for serving this market.

There is much more to consider before either Mr. Payroll or you will be prepared to make a decision. You must be fully informed about all aspects of the franchise investment. We must know more about your capabilities and needs. The franchise discovery process we follow allows both parties to gather facts in an orderly manner.

By combining the information you will receive with your personal judgment and experience, you will be able to create a business plan, forecast and operating budget. Whether you are a C-store operator or you are interested in becoming an independent check casher in a host C-store, the Mr. Payroll program has the tools you need to be successful.

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