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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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One Hour Heating & Air

One Hour Heating & Air Franchise

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has disrupted the HVAC industry with their guaranteed punctuality while delivering real results. Proven, trusted, and always punctual, the franchise has grown to over 100 locations nationwide. Take advantage of their proven business model today!

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$61,123 - $223,738
Franchise fee
Offers Financing
Units in operation
Franchising Since

Own an One Hour Heating & Air Franchise - Questions & Answers

What is it?

  • The leading experts and #1 trusted franchise in the HVAC industry with over 100 locations nationwide
  • HVAC is an essential business that's always in demand
  • Their award-winning training program along with proprietary technology removes the guesswork out of starting your own business

How does it make money?

  • Customers pay per service provided to their home or office
  • Services include repair, installation, and maintenance for air conditioning, heating, ductwork, air quality, and thermostats

Who is it for?

  • A home service business owner looking to diversify
  • An HVAC professional who dreams of owning their own service business
  • An investor or entrepreneur

What would you do as a franchisee?

  • Hire, train, and manage necessary HVAC technicians to perform repairs, replacements, installations, and more
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the franchise including bookkeeping, payroll, and marketing
  • Network within your community to grow the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning brand


One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

Invest In An Essential Business That’s Always In-Demand

If the past year has taught us enough, it’s this: The best business is an essential business!

With hundreds of franchisees across the country, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has solidified its nationwide reputation as a trusted essential business. We help our franchisees reach personal and professional goals by focusing on people, processes, and profits. When you join the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning team, you will be in business for yourself, but you will never be by yourself. We eliminate the guesswork of starting your own business and allow you to reap the benefits of a proven business model.

The best part? You don’t need HVAC experience to own a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchise. We’ll help you find a certified license holder for the technical knowledge and our award-winning training platform will provide you and your employees the knowledge necessary to run your business.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is part of a network of experienced trade companies, including Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Mister Sparky Electric, and STOP Restoration, all members of the Authority Brands family. Our franchisees benefit from each other’s world-class expertise and knowledge about their respective industries.

With the backing of a nationwide support team and services that are always in demand, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is the savvy choice for investors, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business owners.

History of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

Founded in 2003, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is the largest HVAC service provider in the United States.

In April 2019, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and its parent company became a subsidiary brand of Authority Brands, a premier home services provider and parent company of several leading home service companies. Together, these companies operate more than 1,900 locations throughout the United States and the world.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning started with a simple premise: take care of the comfort of customers, and they’ll trust your business for as long as they live near it. Our teams are known for showing up on time, doing quality work, and always treating customers with the best possible service. As experts in the HVAC industry, we know that people call us to make their homes comfortable once again. So, we earn their trust by always considering their needs, preferences, and budget before doing any work. We then reinforce their trust with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that lets them know we’re doing the job right the first time.

The Top Nine Reasons One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Is Right For You

1. AWARD-WINNING TRAINING PROGRAM: Our in-house training platform Success Academy provides franchise owners and their employees with 24/7 online training, as well as instructor training, workshops, webinars, and more.

2. INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS: Our proprietary business software Successware enables our franchise owners to handle every aspect of their business, from managing calls to organizing inventory. In addition, our mobile application makes it simple to receive calls, schedule appointments, and present upsell options to customers.

3. A FULL-SERVICE MARKETING TOOLBOX: We provide our franchisees with a full-service marketing toolbox that delivers on-demand and completely customizable marketing materials. Plus, our nationwide support team includes an on-call marketing coach that delivers one-on-one marketing assistance.

4. RECRUITMENT & RETAINMENT TOOLS: We have the knowledge and tools to help you find — and keep — the best technicians and employees for your business. Your personal Franchise Business Consultant offers specialized training, tools, and tips to ensure that you retain good talent.

5. NATIONAL BUYING POWER: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is a member of BuyMax, a contractor-founded organization that provides the buyer power of large companies to our franchise locations. BuyMax allows our franchisees access to discount pricing on products, free product training, and fleet service solutions.

6. SUPPORT FROM THE GET-GO: New franchisees are invited to BOOT Week (Brand Operations Orientation Training) to help them learn the ins and outs of running an HVAC business. In addition, new franchise owners receive hands-on support from a Franchise Business Consultant who is available 24 hours a day and will walk them through the first six months of operations.

7. NATIONWIDE NETWORK OF OWNERS: Not only is our support team available to you for support, so is our entire network of franchisees. Our network of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchise owners has networking opportunities that provide the insight of others in your position.

8. PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCTS: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchisees stay ahead of the competition by installing private label products. Our buying power with BuyMax gives our franchisees access to wholesale pricing and allows them to pass on the savings to the customer.

9. ALWAYS IN DEMAND: No matter the economy or current market trends, the demand for residential home services is always in demand and is only expected to increase. In fact, the home service market is projected to grow by 18.9% and reach a value of $1.1 billion by 2026.

Our Ideal Candidate

All our One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchisees come from different backgrounds and have varying financial histories. They have different levels of experience in commercial and residential HVAC services. Some started their first-ever HVAC businesses with us, while others converted their already existing business.

Does any of the following sound like you?

  • Are you currently a home service business owner looking to diversify?
  • Are you an HVAC professional who dreams of owning your own service business?
  • Do you already own a successful HVAC business that you would like to grow to the next level?
  • Are you an investor or entrepreneur?

You sound like a fit to be a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchisee!

What Our Franchisees Are Saying

"With the training being so great in our franchise system, it helps you with recruiting, retaining, and properly operating your franchise system." — Lenny Siers (Northern Alabama & Northwest Florida)

“I was a trades guy. I wanted to grow a business but really didn’t have the skills to do it. If you have the drive and determination and want to learn, the network is very open to helping you.” — Aaron Hagan (Northwest Arkansas & Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

"A lot of hard work goes into converting your business to a franchise but I can honestly say with the new software and the new systems it has allowed me to spend more time at home, leave work earlier. There is no question that that’s only going to continue in the future." — Chris Baumann (Peoria, Illinois)

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