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Orbit Drop Inc. is a principal eBay drop-off service with existing stores in Dallas and Houston. Orbit Drop allows everyone to participate as sellers in eBay auctions even if they don't own a computer. Orbit Drop makes selling on eBay easy and convenient, giving customers the ability to simply drop off their unwanted surplus goods and turn these items into cash. Now they simply drop off their items to a conveniently located Orbit Drop Store and wait for their check in the mail. OrbitDrop offers retailers and individuals a way to expand business through online sales in marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Overstock, Froogle, and personalized e-commerce websites. The OrbitDrop Associate Sales Kit can be easily implemented into a retail store, a warehouse, a garage, or just about anywhere.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


The "eBay" of eBay drop-off companies!

Open from Monday to eBay

Imagine a business where literally every person and every business you come into contact with is a potential customer. Now imagine that this business never closes and makes money for you round the clock, even while you sleep. Sound like a dream?

Welcome to OrbitDrop, where people go to make money not spend it.

With the phenomenal growth of eBay, the time is now to get in the exciting new world of the Internet auctioning business with your own OrbitDrop eBay drop off store. Think of this, what other retail business has no cost for inventory? With an OrbitDrop store, people bring you the items you will auction on eBay. And unlike other retail stores where the market is only local to your business, your OrbitDrop store is doing business world-wide. If you have a product for sale, would you want only a few thousand people to see it, or millions?

OrbitDrop is where people bring items to sell on eBay. All they have to do is drop their stuff off at their OrbitDrop store and drive away. OrbitDrop is easy. It's the simple alternative to traditional eBay. It's eBay without a computer. It's eBay at a store on Main Street. It could be your eBay store on your Main Street.

And OrbitDrop also works like magic for:

  • Schools, charities, houses of worship, large companies and other groupswho find OrbitDrop's innovative, online fundraising programs a new way to pay for school sports equipment, expanded youth programs and facilities, and community-wide projects.
  • Local businesses, manufacturers and distributorswho use OrbitDrop to reach millions of potential customers every day. It's a new way to quickly and inexpensively liquidate old, used and demo inventory.
  • Peoplewho are plugging into the OrbitDrop-eBay motors connection to sell their vehicles, boats, trailers, jet-skis and even airplanes online to millions of potential buyers.
  • Peoplewho use OrbitDrop stores as pack & ship centers for all the things they send others every day to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

OrbitDrop is rapidly becoming part of the way people live, in a world where millions sell and buy 24 hours every day, seven days a week. Now you can be part of that world, as a single-store franchisee, a multi-store franchisee, or an area developer with OrbitDrop.

The key to any franchise are the people inside, the ones who see the big picture. OrbitDrop's insiders have more experience with eBay than any other online auctioning company.

We're committed to making your OrbitDrop franchise a solid, long-term business venture. We'll train you from top to bottom - teach you how to acquire products and how to manage them through the entire auction process, from first base to home plate. It's the only way we're both going to win.

In summary, an OrbitDrop franchise delivers:

  • Complete start-up and ongoing training
  • Continued support and assistance
  • Always updated operating manual
  • Site selection assistance
  • The OrbitDrop name and brand
  • Marketing and advertising materials
  • Technical support
  • National advertising co-op
  • National and local vendor contacts
  • And much more!

We'll tell you more about how you can build your own eBay drop-off store business. Interested in an OrbitDrop master franchise license for a foreign country?

All content is copyrighted 2005 by OrbitDrop™


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