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Pacific Pride

Pacific Pride Franchise

Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling is a network of membership-only fueling stations commonly used by truckers and police forces. Pacific Pride stations are often combined with mainstream gas stations, though it only offers fuel. Pacific Pride gives trucking companies the means to operate their fleet at peak efficiency and to stay ahead of competitors, with better control over their vehicle use and fuel consumption. With its automated fueling stations, Pacific Pride employs no staff members. Rather, customers make all their own transactions using a membership card. With Pacific Pride, trucking companies can achieve greater fuel accountability from a single credit source. Pacific Pride stations offer 24-hour access to more than 1,000 fueling stations. The company uses top-quality fuel and lubricants, offers diesel fuel at all sites, and is located in convenient locations. Drivers are issues network Access Cards, similar to automated bank teller cards, so that they can take control of their fuel buying practices. No lost receipts or unauthorized purchases to worry about with the automated membership system. With Pacific Pride, customers gain accountability and control, realizing significant long-term savings.

Facts & Figures


Pacific Pride fueling stations are clean, modern, well-lit facilities, and they’re always open, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that truckers and other members lose not time searching for fuel on weekends or after hours. And because it is a business for commercial member customers only, there are seldom any lines at Pacific Pride stations. Each Pacific Pride location is independently owned and operated as a franchise. All franchisees receive extensive training, including safety training in fueling systems, emergency and first-aid procedures, hazardous materials, fire safety, and other areas.

Pacific Pride Franchise Opportunities – History

Pacific Pride Services, LLC, is a subsidiary of Wright Express Corporation. The company is also known as PrideNet and AmeriNet, depending on the location. Pacific Pride operates more than 1,200 sites in the United States and more than 200 locations in Canada. Pacific Pride is headquartered in Salem, Oregon.

Pacific Pride Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Pacific Pride

Franchise Income

For details about costs and fees related to opening and operating a Pacific Pride franchise, contact Pacific Pride Corporate at 800-367-5066.

Pacific Pride Business Opportunities: Other Information

Pacific Pride commercial fueling stations are not related to a racehorse, also named Pacific Pride, which was euthanized after it suffered a broken shoulder at the Del Mar Racetrack.


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