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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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Restoration 1

Restoration 1 Franchise

Restoration 1 is the restoration industry’s leading marketing and new business development franchise company. Restoration 1 hires nothing but well-trained and top professionals and uses the latest technologies. Restoration is a lucrative industry which is unaffected by the economy, and the Restoration 1 business model is available at relatively low start up costs.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


With natural and man-made disasters increasing every year, the restoration industry is constantly growing, making a Restoration 1 franchise a perfect opportunity to capitalize on a hot trend while providing vital assistance to people who’s homes and business buildings have been damaged. Restoration 1 corporation helps franchises launch businesses and find clients immediately, support growth and establish a strong customer base. Restoration 1 is owned and operated by a management team with decades of experience in the restoration business and in marketing and selling restoration services. With two franchisees currently in business, as well as several company locations, in Florida, Ohio, Georgia and New Jersey, Restoration 1 is poised for growth in markets across the United States.

Restoration 1 Franchise History

Restoration 1 was founded by Andor Kovacs, who continues to serve as the company’s CEO.

Restoration 1 Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Income

Restoration 1 is seeking franchisees for territories in the United States only. Entrepreneurs interested in purchasing a Restoration 1 franchise must have at least $92,000 for investment, and $60,000 liquid capital available. Third party financing is available.

Restoration 1 Additional Information

The restoration business can be very lucrative, because much of the income is retrieved from insurance carriers, as opposed to directly out of consumers’ pockets. It is an industry unaffected by dips in the economy, as restoration projects and protection of property are always top priority. Furthermore, the restoration industry, and Restoration 1’s business model, requires relatively low startup costs.



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