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Review & Recovery Corporation

Review & Recovery Corporation Franchise

Review & Recovery Corporation (R&R) is the premiere tax and expense recovery firm in the US, offering a turn key business model to qualified professional individuals. R&R is a national firm providing a complete turn key opportunity including training, continuing support and mentoring as well as no ceiling on earnings potential---and offered at the lowest entry cost in the industry.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required


$5,995 Complete---U.S. Residents Only No Royalty Fees Ever---Keep 100% of What You Earn It's a Better Idea...

Review & Recovery Corporation (R&R) Offers a Consultative Marketing Opportunity To Qualified Individuals…No Tax, Accounting, or Auditing Background Necessary. A Complete Turn-Key Consultative Marketing Business Including:

  • R&R Quick Start Training
  • Continuing Training, Mentoring & Support
  • Up to 150% Reimbursement of Entry Cost For Executive Associates
  • Your Own: Website – Email Address-Business Cards-Marketing Materials
  • $1000 Telemarketing Lead Allowance for Executive Associates

It's a Can't Lose, WIN—WIN Proposition for our Clients...

Associates of R&R offer many contingency based services including a FREE review of the last three years of a client's income tax filings. When errors or oversights are discovered, clients receive refunds --- and you earn too. It's FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION, it's an absolutely NO RISK proposition. The client either receives a refund or has the peace of mind of knowing that their tax preparer did a good job for them. And, when a refund occurs, which is quite often, R&R Executive Associates receive 30% of the refund.

There is a LOT MORE on your plate BEYOND Tax Recovery…

R&R Associates & Executive Associates offer an unparalleled menu of services, a lot more ways to serve people and to potentially earn enormous profits!

  • Identity Theft Protection-A huge untapped market of individuals and businesses. It is an incredible door opener for other services!
  • Cost Recovery Services-OfferingFREEreviews to business in 7 critical areas!
  • Workers Compensation Recovery-ThisFREEreview service results in refunds to clients almost 80% of the time!

The Following Services Require Only a Marketing Referral From You and YOU PROFIT! We do all of the Review & Auditing Work.

  • Income Tax Review & Recovery---60% of all taxpayers have overpaid
  • Workers Comp Recovery---our experiences is a recovery 77% of the time—and YOU share in the savings.
  • Identity Theft Protection Program---Saving Business and Individuals $$$ and litigation costs
  • Freight Auditing---Enormous history of recoveries and savings and YOU share in the savings.
  • Real Estate Lease Auditing---Huge overcharges routinely found---and YOU share in the savings.
  • Accounts Payable Auditing---It's estimated that over 90% of invoices are paid with no oversight and overcharges are recovered---and YOU get a share.
  • Utilities Auditing---In today's energy environment it is almost routine to find overcharges and YOU share in the recoveries and savings.
  • Travel Management Auditing----In today's business environment with travel costs sky rocketing, we save businesses money--and YOU share in the savings.
  • Hiring/Business Tax Credits---Many companies qualify for credits as government agencies start and stop programs all the time--and YOU share in the savings.
  • Document Fleet Management---Businesses spend billions of unnecessary dollars on copiers, paper and copier supplies. We find---and YOU share in the savings.
  • Healthcare Audits---For self insured companies we can often find enormous savings---and YOU share in those savings.
  • National Mortgage Program---We have the finest financing sources in the country---and YOU share by referring them.

Training & Support…

Your initial "Quick Start" R&R Training Session is conducted personally by Jerry Foreman, President of R&R. Jerry will teach you how to open the doors to vast amounts of potential business by using the tried and true techniques he and other R&R Associates have developed. But, it doesn't end there---you will conference by appointment with R&R strategic partners for additional training and support. You will be mentored every step of the way.

…Grow Your R&R Business

Perhaps someday, you'd like to build your R&R business beyond just your own efforts. There is no charge to you to add members to your very own R&R Team. The generous payouts afforded to you allow you to bring others into the business and profit from their efforts---NOT multi-level marketing.

Who Qualifies For the R&R Opportunity?

R&R accepts for consideration into the R&R family any financially qualified individual that R&R deems as a person to be professional in their behaviors and who maintains high ethical standards. Our consideration of people inquiring about the R&R opportunity is without regard to race, creed, gender, or religion. R&R does not discriminate in any way other than judging what R&R considers the attributes necessary to be an R&R Associate.

If you are a person of high integrity and ethical standards, Review & Recovery Corporation invites you to explore our professional consultative marketing opportunity.

….A Note From The President

R&R is able to maintain a very low entry cost for the R&R opportunity because we practice what we preach. We offer to qualified people an opportunity to work from home. Because I employ no sales personnel we have no expense in that area, allowing R&R to pass the savings on to you and create what I believe is the best value for the money anywhere. My business isn't right for everybody and not everybody is right for R&R, but we are very right for the right people. R&R strives to create a business model in which qualified people can prosper financially and just as important, enjoy life.

Jerry Foreman, President/Founder Review & Recovery Corporation

Ask About Our 150% Return of Your Entry Fee!

I Need More Information…

I am often told that this page doesn't provide enough information. Well, it's just one page and therefore, very limited. I will be pleased to provide you with the R&R website address, my email address, and toll free phone number. There is no way the R&R story can be told completely in print. We are in a people business and that means that you and I need to communicate with each other on a personal level.

So, please fill out the REQUEST FOR INFORMATION FORM below and be assured you will receive an immediate email from me with more information.

Thank you.


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