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SearchPath is the only franchiser of talent acquisition services that offers the opportunity to build wealth through recurring revenue opportunities and equity participation

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About SearchPath

At SearchPath, we are Headhunters first and foremost. We have access to the top talent our clients need and access to top companies that our talent is seeking. In addition to a very lucrative career, Executive Recruitment provides the lifestyle flexibility and sense of positive impact on society that many are pursuing.

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Why is Being a Headhunter the Greatest Job in the World?

  • Extremely Lucrative

  • $260 Billion Global Market

  • Opportunity to Help People Every Day

  • Clients Love Headhunters.  Candidates Love Headhunters.

  • Be Respected.  Be Valued.  Be Relevant.

  • Low Overhead Costs = High Profit Margins

  • Simple Business to Learn.  Anyone Can Do It!

  • Opportunistic Growing Industry


Why SearchPath?

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Flexible Buy-In Options from $12,500-$50,000 

Lifestyle Flexibility 

  •  Work WHEN you want  

  • Work WHERE you want 

  • Work HOW you want  

Multiple Revenue Stream Model  

  • Secondary and Tertiary Income Opportunities 

  • Residual Income Opportunities 

Comprehensive and Individualized Training  

  • Custom-Tailored to YOUR Goals 

  • On-Going Support  

  • Your Success is Our Success  

Experienced Leadership  

  • Our Leadership Team Works the Business  

  • We Practice What We Preach  

Culture of Inclusion  

  • Helpful and Supportive Network of Franchisees that Compliment One Another 

  • Additional Production Opportunities Through Network Splits

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