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All businesses need the ability to secure sensitive information so it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. All documents, whether they are paper or electronic documents go through a cycle of creation, distribution and destruction. Ensuring that both electronic and paper documents are destroyed properly is the main priority of document destruction companies like Shred-It. Shred-It works with all business to customize their document destruction needs. It handles both paper and electronic media ensuring that sensitive materials are destroyed correctly.

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Shred-It’s customized information security solutions ensure that your documents remain secure during the destruction phase. All employees are trained in security procedures and can customize your office’s document destruction to fit your needs. Shred-It handles both residential and office documents and holds community shredding events. Their motto is “Making sure it’s secure.” The company’s success is solely based on their excellent customer service and customized information security procedures. Customized security risk assessments helped Shred-It become the industry leader for a wide variety of industries such as healthcare and financial services.

History of Shred-It Franchise

Shred-It started in 1988 as one of the first paper shredding companies in the world dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer needs. Meeting the needs of their customers is Shred-It’s number one priority. With over 300,000 customers in 170 markets, Shred-It has succeeded customer’s expectations for secure document destruction. All North American Shred-it locations are 100% NAID Certified for mobile document destruction.

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