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Identify the perfect franchise for you! Take our short quiz Take our free franchise quiz!
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SignWorld Franchise

SIGNworld offers independent owners the opportunity to use our sign making system. Point-of-sale, accounting and contact management systems assist SIGNworld owners with productivity and overall business management. SIGNworld provides on-going support yet no royalties.

Facts & Figures

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SignWorld is a national organization with more than 260 independently owned sign companies, which provide commercial custom signage and graphics. Its personable, creative, rewarding and ideal for people oriented individuals who have the desire to learn how to manage a sales and production business. Also perfect for those project managers who like the tangible results for short term project management.

SignWorld owners gain the rewards of utilizing the latest technology, tried and tested by our corporate offices. Our Sign Making System and Point-of-Sale, Accounting and Contact Management Systems assist SIGNworld owners with productivity and overall business management. On-Going Support as long as you are in business, yet no royalty fees.

This is a business where you create your own brand identity!

We are a “Business Opportunity” as compared to a “Franchise”. Both have a start-up package, training and ongoing support. A business opportunity charges an upfront fee that is comparable to an upfront franchise fee. There are NO ongoing fees charged by our business opportunity. However, a franchise charges an ongoing monthly royalty. Also, a business opportunity does not have the huge expenses of attorney’s fees and accounts receivable people to collect royalties and the supporting documentation. Attorneys and Collection people are the major ongoing expenses to a franchisor.

SignWorld 2

More importantly, a business opportunity does not have any rules. A franchise has all kinds of rules and reporting requirements. The quality of ongoing support will vary widely. Our ongoing support is tremendous. Business opportunities are geared more for experienced business people who want to do things their own way but still have an organization to lean on for support from both the corporate staff and the owners as well.

Why Invest In Signworld?

Many people who have left the corporate world are looking for a business that will give them a better balance between work and time with their family, more flexibility and traditional business hours. More importantly, they want a business that will build equity and wealth, supporting an exit strategy in five to seven years, if needed or desired. They want the choice of being able to either back away from the day to day and enjoy income on a tax-advantage basis, or to be able to sell their business to financially secure their retirement years, paying only capital gains taxes.

Escrow recently closed on the resale of a Signworld location for $3 million, all cash. The sign business sold for $2 million and the building sold for $1 million. The Signworld Owner who sold the business started with our basic package 7 years ago in 1500 square feet of leased space, with an investment of $175,000. After 4 years in business, they purchased their own building.

SignWorld 1

Along the way, many Signworld Owners have purchased their own buildings.

Ask any Signworld Owner and they will tell you they are not a "sign maker". A Signworld Owner hires sign makers.

They joined Signworld because it is professional, business to business with regular hours of 9 to 5, minimal staffing requirements and located in 1200-1500 square feet of office park or light industrial. Signworld is one of the leading organizations in this multibillion dollar industry. Companies of every type and every size use signs, and the vast majority of them are disposable. 98% of all signs are indoors, not outdoors. The average life of a sign is less than 30 days. Retailers change their signs every month.


Signworld serves 100% of the sign industry requirements - anything from paper signs to vehicle wraps to large outdoor signs. It is a business that thrives on repeat customers and the ability to grow accounts with large corporations or retail chains. Signworlds are "commercial sign companies" serving customers such as: McDonalds, Subway, Chili’s, Great Clips, Ford Motor, Hewlett-Packard, and Coca-Cola, all who need large quantities of signs every month.

Many Signworld Owners will also tell you that by maintaining a good web site coupled with modern web site optimization techniques, a great deal of new business initially comes from hits to their site. Some Owners report that 40% to 70% of their new customers originally found them via the internet.

With Signworld, there are No Royalties and No Rules usually associated with such business models. Signworld Owners run their business the way they want to run it. They benefit from one of the most comprehensive programs of training and ongoing support in the industry. Beyond initial training, each owner has a Signworld business coach who provides weekly guidance and assistance. Signworld Owners also enjoy ongoing peer-to-peer support through communication with their fellow Signworld Owners to share ideas on sales, marketing, production and other aspects of the business.

Skills Of Successful Signworld Owners

The most successful Signworld Owners are very good at Project Management. Previous sales experience is not necessary. This business is about relationship building with a customer who has a real need. Signs are a necessity, not a luxury item. Every business must have them and every business changes them every month. Successful Owners have an extroverted personality and are willing to go out and see their customers. Successful Owners will have 2 or 3 outside appointments every day.

SignWorld 5

Backgrounds Of Some Signworld Owners:

Owner – Security Alarm Company Owner – Chemical Company Owner – 7 Eleven Franchise President – Log Home Manufacturer VP – Banking VP – Sales & Marketing VP - Brand Management VP – Hospitality VP – Manufacturing VP – Advertising Agency VP - Operations Chief Financial Officer Director - IT Certified Public Accountant Food Broker Wine Salesman Hotel Manager Banker Nurse Teacher Metal Fabricator Handyman Truck Driver

Signworld Validations In A Recession - July, 2009

Greg Kyler, Modesto, CA:we gross $1.2 million in a town with less than 200,000 people and every year our business grosses more than the previous year. I was also able to be the high school football coach leaving work at 3 PM every day. My son works with me in the business and hopefully he will take over some day.

Scott Kelsey, Pittsburgh, PA:hasn't seen a downturn in the economy and has seen a 50% growth in his business over last year.”

Kevin Hull, Austin, TX: “we are up 40% for the year, our third year in business, and are currently at a run rate of $1.5 million and plan to do over $2 million in 2009.”



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